On Amit Shah’s advocacy for introducing Hindi as national language


SUC(C) calls Amit Shah’s advocacy for introducing Hindi as national language is ill-motived and ill-disposed Towards the unity and solidarity of the Indian people

In a Press Statement, Shri Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI (C) issued the following statement on 16 September 2019:

The way Amit Shah, Union Home Minister and is president of the BJP yesterday preached for ‘one country one language’ with a view to introducing Hindi as the national language is not only unrealistic and unhistorical but is fraught with immense danger. Since all languages including Hindi are dialects of Indian people, we are in favour of development of all the languages and not against any of them. But while a highly developed language with international reckoning like English is also an Indian language, we all along supported a 2-language policy—mother tongue and English—and consider it be correct even today. English should be the link language and used in administrative works.. In a multilingual country like India, no particular language in the name of national language can be imposed on other linguistic communities. If it is so done, it will inevitably cause adverse reactions among the people and impair the unity and solidarity of Indian citizens. Everyone is aware that once a blood-wrenching movement surged forth in the country against similar attempt on the part of the union government to impose Hindi. So, we are of the opinion that Amit Shah’s views are ill-motivated and ill-disposed towards the unity and solidarity of the people of the country. Hence, we are totally opposed to any such move of thrusting upon one particular language on others. 

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