Observe 25 November, 2022 as ‘IRAN’S STRUGGLE SOLIDARITY DAY’ — SUCI (C)


Kolkata 25 .11.22

Sri Provas Ghosh, the General Secretary of SUCI(Communist), has issued the following statement on 12 November 2022:

We hail and express our solidarity with the present heroic struggle continued by the democratic minded people of Iran particularly by women and youth against fascist Islamic power to achieve emancipation of women by breaking enslaving fetters of religious bindings and to overthrow the fascist regime and install a democratic power. This phase of movement sparked off with the brutal killing of an Iranian lady on 13th October 2022, by the socalled ‘religious moral police’ of Iran.It is to be noted that this movement has been initiated by women braving ruthless fundamentalist atrocities and later all sections of people, who are being exploited and oppressed economically, politically and culturally by the Islamic fascist regime since long, have joined the movement. To crush the movement, the fascist rulers of Iran has resorted to unbridled police atrocities, mass killing and death penalty, killing hundreds, injuring several more hundreds and arresting thousands of people including women and children. But braving all atrocities, the indomitable people of Iran have been continuing their struggle with firm determination.

We call upon all democratic minded people of the world to extend their support in favour of this legitimate historic movement and raise the demand to stop all repressions by the fascist regime.

To express solidarity on behalf of the Indian people and wish success of this struggle our party SUCI(Communist) will observe 25 November, 2022 as ‘IRAN’S STRUGGGLE SOLIDARITY DAY’ by holding meeting and demonstrations in all state capitals. We urge upon the people of India to make the programme an all out success.

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