No independence and neutrality –SUCI(Communist)


Comrade Provash Ghosh General Secretary of SUCI(Communist) has issued the following statement today the 31st May, 2020 :

Whatever relics of independence and neutrality of the judicial institutions are there in India after continuous attack since Congress rule is now being nakedly destroyed under the present governance of BJP in its drive to consolidate the fascistic rule further. This has posed a grave danger to all democratic rights and movements of the people.
It is evidently clear that appointments, transfers, composition and breaking up of benches in judicial courts are being manipulated by the power behind the screen. Frequently judgements are made to satisfy the ruling party and class. Some loyal  persons are promoted, even given lucrative appointments after retirement and the few brave honest persons are denied due promotion, harassed and unduly transferred. These have become almost the order of the day. Thus judiciary has been reduced to a mere subservient to the ruling class and party in our country like all other bourgeois countries in the world.
 It is to be noted that in all capitalist countries today there is only semblance of parliamentary democracy,  which in reality is only the  rule of fascist autocracy under the garb of ‘parliamentary democracy’.

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