Movement crystallizing centred on Deocha pachami coal mining project


Comrade Madan Ghatak talking to people of Deocha area during campaign trail

In Proletarian Era dated 1 January 2022, we had reported that after discovery of huge deposit of excellent quality of coal and basalt at Deocha Pachami area of Birbhum district of West Bengal, the TMC-led state government had promised proper rehabilitation, compensation and job to the poor peasants and tribal people to be displaced once the mining would start. But though the excavation date is nearing, no concrete measure in regard to fulfilment of the promises are in place. Our Party had taken up the issue in right earnest and on 29 November last, Comrade Madan Ghatak, Birbhum District Secretary, SUCI(C), led a four member deputation to the local Deputy Magistrate and pressed for meeting a 6-point demand. But still no concrete step in this regard is forthcoming. On 1 February, our Party held a protest demonstration near the District Magistrate’ office at Suri, Birbhum. Then a 14-member team led by Comrade Madan Ghatak, undertook a campaign at all the affected areas of Deocha to rouse the people to immediately form people’s struggle committees and spearhead a powerful movement in support of their just demands. The campaign received very encouraging response and steps are afoot to launch the movement. A deputation has also been given to state industry minister on 15 February Incidentally, it is pertinent to mention that industrial tycoon Gautam Adani and his son have met the TMC chief minister twice and reported to have expressed interest in their association with the mining project there.

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