Most undemocratic amendment to RTI Act


SUCI(C) vehemently protests
Most undemocratic amendment to RTI Act,
Demands its annulment forthwith and
Calls upon right-thinking people to unleash
a powerful movement against this butchering of democracy
Shri Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), issued the following
statement today:
How despotically and flagrantly the BJP-led central government is butchering
democracy is once more exemplified in the way the RTI Act has been arbitrarily and
suddenly amended to turn the statutory Central and State Information Commissions
into an appendage of the central government reducing RTI as a puppet organization of
the government. The amendments hurriedly passed in the parliament on 22 July
ignoring the countrywide voice of dissent and without any proper debate in the
parliament. These ammendments involve granting absolute right to the government to
nominate as well as fix the salaries, tenures and other terms of service of the
Information Commissioners at the states and centre. Thus the right to information is
being virtually reduced to elimination of the right to information and making a mockery
of whatever little scope the people at large so far had been to know certain facts and
data regarding deeds & misdeeds of the government as citizens of a country whose
rulers boast it to be the largest democracy of the world’.
Alongside registering vehement protest against this most atrocious amendment and
demanding immediate annulment of the same, we call upon all right-thinking
democratic-minded people who are outraged by such repeated instances of slaughtering
of whatever little relics of democracy are still in existence, to close their rank, come out
in the open and unite on the platform of an organized, powerful and sustained protest
movement throughout the country so that the autocratic government is forced to mend
its ways, retrace from the path of adopting one after another anti-people policies and we
urge upon the people to feel and understand the importance of the pressure of rightful
assertion of people’s power
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