Modi’s Address is a Clever Design — Provash Ghosh

Provash Ghosh, General Secretary SUCI (communist) has issued the following statement today:

“Corona- Virus infected and death numbers are alarmingly increasing daily. It has been revealed that kits for its examination, examination centers, ventilators and other medical materials in hospitals and PPE for doctors, nurses & health workers are miserably poor.
On the other hand crores of jobless workers, migrant labours,daily wage earners,street vendors,rickshaw pullers, small traders,domestic workers are languising in starvation after sudden lockdown in a country where many people die daily out of starvation which will be painfully multiplied further.
Common people expected that Prime Minister will provide some important announcement to meet the situation on 3rd April. But what he announced is not only disappointing but in fact is a cruel joke. He asked the people to ‘light off and darken the rooms and lighting torch, candle for 9 minutes at 9 pm at the gates on 5th April,2020.
Which science or medical science provided this prescription?
It is a clever design to divert the people’s mind from real responsibility of the government to religious mysticisms and blind obedience to the government and ruling party as it has done few days back by asking the people to sound gong.  
We appeal the people to remain alert, raise their voice and compel the government to adopt necessary steps to meet the present grave situation.”

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