Memorial meeting of Comrade Debaprasad Sarkar


He was in their heart and would continue to remain there in all days to come. A revolutionary character characterized by a blend of firm ideological commitment and a very polite and simple life. That made him endeared to and revered by one and all. Comrade Debaprasad Sarkar, veteran Polit Bureau member of the SUCI(C), thus emerged as a mass leader of rare qualities. So, in his memorial meeting held at Sachin Banerjee-Subodh Banerjee Memorial Trust Maidan in Jaynagar on 11 July 2022 there was a stream of people from all over the districts as well as from some of the neighbouring districts. The number was so swelling that an area of about half a kilometer beyond the venue was jam-packed.
After rendition of the song on Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, the proceedings began on time. Comrade Rabin Mandal, a veteran mass leader of the Party and two-time MLA from Patharpratima constituency, presided over. Floral tribute was offered by Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary of the Party and the main speaker of the meeting as well as by Comrade Rabin Mandal. Garlanding was also done on behalf of the CPI (M), RSP and TMC. In his long emotional but penetratingly analytical speech, Comrade Provash Ghosh, dwelt on the various educating aspects of life and struggle of Comrade Debaprasad Sarkar and also on the prevailing socio-political condition as well as the tasks incumbent on our Party. The meeting ended with the Internationale.

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