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Kolkata 18 June, 2022

RSS has long been interested in including military training in school syllabus. Now it is in the field to encourage youths to join Agneepath scheme. It is first trying to woo the youths from the families which either belong to its fold or are supporters of its ideology. The RSS has reportedly been propagating that youths loyal to it would get special importance in Agneepath.
Veteran industrialists of the country have also started standing in support of the Agneepath scheme. Anand Mahindra of Mahindra group has written: ‘There are immense employment opportunities for Agneeveers in the corporate sector. Young people equipped with leadership ability, teamwork and physical prowess will work to propel our industry forward. These youths will provide us industry solutions, playing a key role in areas ranging from operations to management and supply chain management.’ Harsh Goenka of RPG group has tweeted: ‘‘The RPG group too welcomes the opportunity to employ the Agneeveers. I do hope other corporates will also join us to take this pledge and assure our youths of a future.’’ Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Executive Chairperson of Biocon Limited, tweeted ‘‘I firmly believe that Agneeveers will have a distinct advantage in recruitment in the industrial job market.’’
On the other hand, Kailash Vijayvargiya, one of the General Secretaries of the BJP, said on 19 June last that he will give priority to ‘Agneeveers’ for security jobs at his party office. Vijayvargiya made the remarks while defending the Centre’s Agneepath scheme on four-year contractual military recruitment in a press conference.
On the Agneepath plan, Subodh Kant Sahay, the former Congress Union Minister said, ‘‘I think it has crossed all the history of Hitler. Hooda sahib was explaining in the language of the big village. Hitler had also created such an organization named Khaki (Brown Shirt), he had formed among the army.
Incidentally, Sturmabteilung (Storm Troopers) also known as ‘‘Brown Shirts,’’ or SA (literally ‘‘Storm Detachment’’) was the Nazi Party militia that helped Adolf Hitler rise to power in Germany. Created in 1922, SA’s supposed purpose was to guard Nazi Party meetings, but in actuality, Hitler meant for the group to serve as the Nazi army. SA was extremely antisemitic and antidemocratic in its military activities.
Its members were mainly lower-middle class Germans who had lost their jobs due to the country’s economic problems. SA gave them something to be part of and proud of. They engaged in street fights with their political enemies, practiced pseudo-military exercises, and terrorized Germany. When Hitler rose to national power in 1933, the SA became an official government organization. SA soldiers joined the regular police in order to arrest and torture ideological, political, and even personal enemies, including many Jews. (Source-Zee News 19-06-22, ABP 19-06-22, Zoom News 20-06-22, nsbnews 20-06-22, India Today-20-06-22, Shoah Resource Centre, The International School for Holocaust Studies)

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