Dear Comrade,

A few leaders of the Party had requested me some days back to make a written appeal to all comrades calling upon them to make the Third Party Congress a total success. Those leading comrades felt that a section of the Party comrades is not that very clear about the necessity of convening the Party Congress. It is true that I have delayed a bit in responding to their request. Already, a large number of comrades and Party units have been engaged in the preparation of the Party Congress. Still, I have decided to say a few words taking into cognizance the feelings and opinions of those leading comrades. I would like to touch upon briefly over the following points: —

  1. After the Second Party Congress held in Delhi in 2009, there has not been any qualitative change in the national and international situations. So, the main political line adopted at the Second Party Congress is still valid. But, there have been some important and significant developments over which necessity has arisen to have in-depth discussion and exchange of opinions at all levels of the Party based on the Party education and code of conduct so that after meticulous examination in the ensuing Party Congress, it is possible to arrive at a uniform understanding over all the issues and the Party theses could be developed and enriched accordingly to meet the latest situation.
  2. India is already mired in a growing acute economic-political-moral crisis because of the ruthlessly exploitative and coercive capitalist system and the out and out anti-people policies and activities of its servitor parliamentary political parties. Millions of people are wrecked by mounting unemployment. Thousands of workers and employees are being retrenched. Millions of penury-stricken people are dying of starvation and in absence of rudimentary healthcare. Many are committing suicide. Everyday, thousands of women and children are trafficked and sold in the roaring sex-market. Every minute, hundreds of women are raped, gang-raped and even killed. Even tiny children and old ladies are not spared. Prices of essential commodities are spiralling on a sustained basis. Taxes are increasing heavily. Corruption is rising menacingly. People’s money is being plundered with impunity. Defence budget is augmented steadily by curtailing allocations towards education, healthcare and other public welfare activities. Crass Hindu fundamentalism, super-naturalist thoughts and mysticism, national jingoism, communalism and parochialism-chauvinism are being promoted with alacrity. Racial-religious hatred are fomented incessantly, and riots are orchestrated wherever and whenever possible. Education is being saffronized so that people could be divided over religious beliefs, and, in the process, religious vote banks could be created and nurtured. All these heinous activities are aimed at accelerating the process of establishing fascism in the country. There is a systematic attempt to wipe out even whatever little vestiges of democratic system are still in vogue. Election is being turned into a farce with the help of money-muscle-media-administrative powers. Above all, there is a well-knit conspiracy to destroy all ethical-moral values of renaissance period, make the students and youth of the country rootless, estranged from the rich tradition of glorious freedom movement and in the process be dispossessed of human qualities and human essence and have the moral backbone shattered. As a sequel to this, the country is being pushed to the precipice of total ruination. There is no surprise that in order to become the most trusted political manager of the ruling bourgeoisie by currying favour with it, the BJP and the Congress, the two main bourgeois political parties at the national level as well as the various regional bourgeois parties are vying with each other. Whether they are in power or in opposition, their whole and sole objective is to always serve the ruling bourgeoisie faithfully. When any of these bourgeois parties is in power, it tries to remain in the good books of the ruling capitalist class by openly working to sustain the oppressive capitalist rule, muzzle the voice of protest and ruthlessly suppress people’s legitimate movements and protest agitations. On the other hand, when any of these parties is in opposition, it, in order to pave the way for electoral victory by hoodwinking people, shed crocodile tears over the growing misery and penury of the toiling people. But, in spite of all such trickeries and derision, they are unable to keep the suffering people silent. Burning problems of life are compelling the oppressed people to burst into protest. The accumulated wrath, grievances and remonstration among the workers-peasants-students and other sections of the toiling masses are often bursting forth in the form of spontaneous, unorganized and politically unconscious sporadic agitations on a large scale even by defying bullets and batons of the rulers. But in absence of correct political leadership, these boisterous outbursts of people’s anger and discontent are fizzling out after some time. Notably, the CPI (M) and CPI, known as big left parties, do often, in keeping with their social democratic character, make show of movement. But, they have long abandoned the path of militant struggle. Reality is that they have now been busy in trying to reap electoral mileage by lining up with the pseudo-secular Congress-led combination. In spite of that, it would be our utmost endeavour to keep them arrested within the platform of joint left-democratic movement to the extent possible based on the Marxist principle of unity-struggle-unity so that besides using them as far as possible in furthering the mass struggles, their real character could be exposed, their role is exhausted, and they are isolated from the masses.

But, the task imperative today is to strengthen, expand and consolidate the SUCI(Communist), the genuine communist party on the soil founded by Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, the great Marxist thinker, so that the Party could acquire the necessary strength to lead the class and mass struggles ideologically, politically, organizationally and culturally and channelize them to their logical culmination. In order to attain that strength, it is essential that there is conduction of a relentless yet more intense all-embracing struggle within the Party based on the revolutionary teachings of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh. The ensuing Party Congress is being organized with a view to engaging all the comrades in this necessary struggle within the Party.

  • What is noteworthy is that ridden with an unprecedented growing insolvable crisis endemic of the system, world imperialism-capitalism is now shuddering on a tottering base. Despite absence of the erstwhile mighty socialist camp and socialist market, the world imperialism-capitalism is now gasping because of continuous shrinkage of market. After sad dismantling of the socialist camp, the US imperialists had arrogated to themselves the title of ‘master’ of the unipolar world. Now, the same US imperialists are being challenged by the European Union and Japan on the one hand and the China and Russia, both turned into imperialist-capitalist countries after counter-revolutions, on the other hand. Now, they all are at loggerheads with each other over capture of market. The US which once was considered to be the locomotive of world imperialism-capitalism is now a sinking boat. Once the US imperialists were pioneers in invoking the doctrine of globalization as a means to grab others’ markets. Now, when other competing imperialist-capitalist countries are using the prescripts of same globalization to penetrate into the internal market of the US, the US rulers are forced to reverse the theory of globalization and instead raise the slogan of “America first” and building tariff walls to prohibit entry of other countries into their domestic market. Both China and other countries are also taking retaliatory action by slapping tariff barriers on US goods and services. In this way, a global trade and tariff war has ensued. What would be the ultimate fallout of this trade war is a big question. Only future would answer that. On the other hand, rising recession, closure, retrenchment, unemployment and such other allied problems are wreaking havoc in the life of the people of the imperialist-capitalist countries. So, unprecedented rage and discontent are mounting among the oppressed people. As a result of that, workers’ strike, students’ strike and mass movements are surging forth in increasing number. Gushes of stirring movements like “Occupy Wall Street”, “Arab Spring” and such others have been sweeping across.  But, in the absence of correct revolutionary working class leadership, these would soon be at a low ebb and finally subside.

Comrades are aware of the fact that after counter-revolution in erstwhile Soviet Union, East European countries and China, not only had socialism been dismantled there, powerful communist movement which once shook the imperialist-capitalist bloc also suffered a huge setback. Comrade Shibdas Ghosh had shown long back that since the various communist parties of the world had a blind allegiance towards the Soviet and Chinese leaderships and possessed a low ideological-cultural standard, they could not understand the immense danger posed by modern revisionism and locate the various causes and factors paving way for counter-revolution to take place. So, when Soviet socialism was dismantled due to revisionist intrigue aided and abetted by world imperialism-capitalism, all these parties were at their wit’s end, became ideologically bankrupt, suffered from utter despair, turned inactive and were ultimately disintegrated.  However, our Party, the SUCI(Communist), which being enriched and guided by the developed understanding of Marxism-Leninism provided by Comrade Shibdas Ghosh and having been founded, reared and steered on higher understanding of Leninist model of Party building, could courageously face the crisis. Comrade Shibdas Ghosh had cautioned us long back about the brewing danger within socialism and international communist movement and also handed down to us the correct ideological weapon to fight the situation. Following his valued teachings, our Party has remained unwavering in this phase of crisis. Not only that. Holding aloft the noble banner of Marxism-Leninism-Shibdas Ghosh Thought as well as proletarian internationalism, our Party has been steadily developing and flourishing.

It bears recall that on the eve of the First World War, the Second Communist International founded by great Engels, became degenerated and plunged into revisionism by deviating from Marxism. At that hour of crisis, great Lenin had ideologically defeated the revisionist leadership of the Second International and saved the kernel of Marxism. In the process, he developed and enriched the science of Marxism in the new imperialist stage of capitalism and thus brought its understanding to a new height. So, great Stalin had said that “Leninism is the Marxism in the era of imperialism and proletarian revolution”. Through correct application of Marxism-Leninism, the anti-capitalist socialist revolution became successful in Russia and in its wake, the revolutions in China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba and Eastern European countries also became victorious. But despite spectacular success of socialism, modern revisionism had raised its ugly head later and ultimately destroyed socialism by orchestrating bourgeois counter-revolution.

Now, what is of utmost importance is to revive the world communist movement along right track and bring back its glory and celerity by establishing genuine communist parties in the different countries, developing and strengthening them fast to provide leadership to the surging class and mass struggles. We are of the opinion that correct understanding and application of Marxism-Leninism-Shibdas Ghosh Thought can illumine the right path. Our imperative international obligation and responsibility is to carry this developed understanding of Marxism to the proletariats of various countries. In order to discharge this historic responsibility, our Party needs to be more developed and consolidated ideologically, politically, organizationally and morally. Ensuing Party Congress would be the first step towards achieving that objective.

  1. In the past, particularly during the formative stage of our Party, and even after a few decades since then, we faced tremendous opposition in spreading our organization. Because, on account of the apparent struggling posture of the then undivided CPI, and later of the CPI (M) coupled with the international backing they enjoyed, people considered them to be the real communist parties. In order to overcome that hurdle, Comrade Shibdas Ghosh had to conduct an exemplary arduous struggle. Now the situation is totally different. The CPI (M) is largely exposed. It had lost its struggling character long back. Now, blessed by the ruling class, it is developing intimacy with this or that bourgeois combinations for deriving electoral benefits. It has become ideologically bankrupt as well. Its image is severely tarnished before the masses. Following the footsteps of the CPI (M), the CPI has turned into a party of the old people. Both the parties are in decay. So, this period is very favourable for growth of our Party. It is highly encouraging that even when ordinary Party workers are carrying Comrade Shibdas Ghosh Thought to places and states where our Party and Comrade Shibdas Ghosh are not that known, they are receiving encouraging response from the honest left-minded people, intelligentsia, students, youth, workers and peasants. In such a favourable situation, what is needed is to select a good number of promising student and youth comrades in various states, educate and develop them properly so that they can explore newer places and develop Party organization there. This important and imperative task is a part of the preparatory work for the next Party Congress.
  2. Current national and international situations are indeed gloomy to a genuine communist party like ours. Sad dismantling of the socialist camp and immense setback of mighty international communist movement has caused frustration throughout the world. Marxism-Leninism and the communist ideology are under constant attack from the quarters of vested interest. This noble ideology is also being distorted in many ways. There is a persistent vile attempt to denigrate the great Marxist thinkers who once were held in high esteem by the people. Also, there is systematic endeavour to wipe out whatever little trace of rational thoughts, moral sense and human values are still in existence. At this hour, it is imperative to protect the nobility of Marxism-Leninism and hold aloft its banner; though this is a very hard and difficult task. But history has adjured that task to us. Fulfilling this task warrants conduction of an intense painstaking determined struggle within the Party to elevate the ideological-political-ethical-moral standard of the comrades and equip them more and more with the ability to build up, firm up and consolidate organization.

All comrades join the Party with the birthmark of degraded capitalist society. We are all in the midst of a rotten capitalist environment which is casting influence on us every moment and seeking to pollute us. As a result, we tend to fall victim of individualism, egoism, self-applause, enmity towards the critics, craving for posts, bureaucratism, neglect towards discharging responsibility, disregarding Party principles and discipline, self-styled functioning by disobeying centralism and authority, leading luxurious life, attraction towards consumerism, incorrect immoral attitude towards love and sex, weakness towards family and so forth. If we are not always alert based on the teachings of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh and do not conduct struggle to keep us free from all these maladies and aberrations bred incessantly by the decrepit bourgeois system, we might also be afflicted by such bourgeois vices. We cannot be oblivious of the fact that it is an extremely difficult struggle to attain as well as preserve true communist character by thwarting all overt and covert attacks of decadent moribund utterly degenerated capitalism. Even a momentary carelessness, slack or compromise can cause fall of a once attained good communist character. So, it is necessary to conduct, based on Comrade Shibdas Ghosh Thought, a relentless life struggle covering all aspects of life including sex. It is a prime task to conduct this all-embracing struggle with due seriousness and revitalize the Party right from top to bottom. Already, the Party has lost many valued old as well as young comrades because of fatal illness, problem of aging and murderous attack on the part of the enemies. Many of the leaders at various levels of the Party are burdened with the age-related disabilities and have become physically unfit. Some of them have been suffering from compromising mentalities and lack of initiative. In the circumstances, it is imperative to reorganize the Party bodies inducting and bringing to the fore the vibrant, deserving and able comrades. Prime objective of the ensuing Third Party Congress is to discharge this task properly.

I hope that in this backdrop and based on correct realization of the task enjoining all of us, comrades at all levels would come forward and make the Third Party Congress a grand success.


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