Make 8th Dec. Strike A Success — SUCI(Communist)


Shri Provash Ghosh, General Secretary of SUCI(Communist), said in a press statement on 5th December, 2020:

“We wholeheartedly support the All India Bandh on 8th December, 2020 called by the fighting peasants under the banner of Sanjukta Kishan Alliance (SKM) comprising three broad based Kishan alliances including AIKSCC, in which our peasant organization AIKKMS is one of the constituents, against the anti-peasant pro-corporate black farmer laws acts and electricity bill enacted by the BJP led central Government.

This movement should not be viewed only of the peasants. Interest of the peasants and agriculture production are directly linked up with the lives of the common people.  It is evidently that clear BJP led central government is committed to nakedly serve the monopolists, big business and corporate houses and for that to mount attacks on all sections of people.  So the, crying necessity of the hour is to buildup united movement against the central government anti-people policies.

We urge upon the people to develop struggle committee at the grass-rout level and enroll volunteers involving self-dedicated youths and students to conduct and continue the sustained struggle and make the 8th December, 2020 All India Bandh a total success.

Further, we call upon all other left parties to build up united militant struggle at this critical hour of the country.”

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