Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (22 April 1870 -- 21 January 1924), Russian revolutionary, making a speech in Moscow. Original Publication: People Disc - HG0194 (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

‘‘The peasant must make his choice: (i) either freedom to trade in grain, which means speculation in grain, freedom for the rich to grow richer, freedom for the poor to be pauperised and to starve, return of undivided power to the landowners and capitalists, dissolution of the alliance of the peasants and the workers, (ii) or delivery of grain surpluses at a fixed price to the state, i.e., the united workers’ authority, which means an alliance between the peasants and the workers to get rid of the bourgeoisie altogether and to eliminate any possibility of their rule being restored.
The richer peasants, the kulaks, will choose the first alternative; they will want to try their luck in alliance with the capitalists and landowners against the workers, against the poor, but such peasants are a minority in Russia. The majority of the peasants will prefer an alliance with the workers against the restoration of capitalist rule, against ‘‘freedom for the rich to grow richer’’, against ‘‘freedom for the poor to starve’’, against the deceitful camouflage of this accursed capitalist ‘‘freedom’’ (freedom to starve to death) with flowery words about ‘‘equality’’ (the equality of the well-fed, who have a surplus of grain, and the starving). Our task is to fight the-cunning capitalist deception …of resounding and flowery phrase-mongering about ‘freedom’ and ‘equality’.’’
(‘‘Deception of the People with Slogans of Freedom and Equality’’, CW Vol 29)

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