India recreates history in BJP Prime Minister’s ‘Amritkal’


• by ensuring growth of wealth of Gautam Adani by 116% in just one year and making him the richest among the Indian monopolists with a wealth of Rs 7.9 lakh crores ($140 billion).
• when the top 10% of the Indian population in total wealth rose above the global average to register holding of 77% of the total national wealth.
• when India’s billionaire count rose by 40 to 142 in 2021.
• when wealth of 92 of the richest people is equivalent to that of 55-crore Indians put together.
• when it is close to become third largest economy in the world.
• when its projected GDP growth rate is progressively lowered by the government.
• when growth of eight core sectors which make up 40% of the index of industrial production dips to 9 month low in August 2020.
• when fiscal deficit in 21-22 soars to touch 32.6% of annual target in August 2022 i.e. within 5 months.
• when rupee falls to historic low at 82 per US$.
• when persistent inflation continues to erode purchasing power of common people.
• when food prices register an increase on average by 4.48% every month from January 2014 to March 2022
• by making over 20 crore Indians go to sleep empty-stomach every day.
• by sliding to 101st rank among the 116 countries on the Global Hunger Index, showing the level of hunger in the country to be ‘‘serious’’.
• by pushing over a quarter of a billion people into poverty in 2022.
• when, as of June 2022, over 784 thousand companies were defunct or struck off.
• when unemployment rate shoots up at 7.80% in June with loss of 1.30 crore jobs as per CMIE data.
• when holders of Ph.D and M.Phil. degrees apply for posts that require one to handle and transport dead bodies (morgue assistants).
• when crime against women surges by 26.35% recording 4,28,278 cases between 1 January and 31 December 2021, while all cases are not reported.
• when 28 persons dependent on farming die by suicide every day.
• when National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reports that one in four of the recorded 1,64,033 suicide victims during 2021 was a daily wage earner.
• when nearly 50 per cent MPs in the present Lok Sabha including those of the ruling party are found to have criminal record.
• when eight cheetahs were transported from Namibia in a tiger-faced B747 Jumbo jet and introduced into the Indian wildlife at Kuno national park, MP, by the BJP Prime Minister on his birthday wearing attire of a hunter. Project Cheetah will cost over Rs. 990 crores, other than Rs. 500 crores a year on maintenance.
• when three giant telecoms i.e., Ambani owned Reliance Jio, Mittal-owned Airtel and Aditya Birla owned Vodafone-Idea who have bagged 51,236 MHz spectrum (5G) by bid at Rs 1,50,173 crore, which is more than the amount previously estimated by analysts, are likely to increase the retail tariff of mobile connection by around 30% to cover the cost and mint higher profit.

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