Inauguration of SUCI (C) office building at Dharwad, Karnataka on 22 May — a dream comes true


With assistance and contributions from several comrades, well wishers and supporters, the Dharwad District Committee of the SUCI (C) has been able to build an office of its own, at Sanmathi Marg, Dharwad. It symbolizes the growth of the organization in the district since 1992. Continual contact, interaction and involvement with several admirers, supporters, writers of the city has built an organic link with the heart of the city, known for its contribution to literature and culture. A significant aspect of the inaugural programme was the involvement of several literary personalities in this programme.
An office building is the nerve centre where plans are evolved to shape up people’s movements and struggles conducive to revolution. It is the heart of ideological discussions for those who are attracted by its activities. Thus it is here that the life of a revolutionary party pulsates.
The Party’s organization has been spreading across Belgaum, Haveri, North Kanara, Koppal, Gadag districts with Dharwad as the centre. An office was the most urgent need. The old dilapidated rented building of the office was purchased and rebuilt. Villagers from surrounding areas were emotionally involved to come forward to contribute their mite. The day of inauguration turned festive with many turning up with entire families to see their extended family, their beloved organization with something to call its own, it was their home too.
Comrade Krishna Chakraborti, member of the Polit Bureau of the Party who inaugurated the programme, said in his inaugural speech: “We see a severe crisis in society today. We are fast degenerating morally, socially and culturally, and revolution is the only path of emancipation from all this. Against this background it is a matter of great pleasure to have a Party office building of our own. This will help expansion and consolidation of our activities to nearby districts of Dharwad.” He added that, today, all political parties are building up movements for votes and not with true interest of people in mind. Therefore people will have to unite and build massive movements on their real issues and burning problems. He called upon them to come forward, support and involve themselves actively in building up people’s movements, just as they had supported the construction of an office building.
“When I came to Dharwad five- six years ago, I had felt happy to see the growth of the organization. Now, when I see this large gathering here, it is an indication of how the organization has grown qualitatively and quantitatively in the past five-six years. I am very happy to see this,” Comrade Krishna Chakraborti said. He added that hundreds of activists inspired by the ideology of the party are building up movements. The Party has grown similarly throughout the country, without any aid or help from capitalists, or the media, but with help from supporters and admirers. It is only on the strength of thoughts of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh that the party has grown and expanded in a big way as the only genuine Communist Party of India, taking up mass struggles on burning issues of the people.
Comrade K. Radhakrishna, State Secretary of Karnataka, and member, Central Committee, SUCI (C) spoke on the occasion, to add that the party is similarly developing movements in several districts and there is a need for such office buildings of its own for the party everywhere.
Comrade Ramanjinappa Aldalli, District Secretary of the Party also spoke. Members of the party State Committee, Comrades Dr B.R. Manjunath, K.Uma, and others and members of the Dharwad District organising committee — Comrades H.G. Desai, Dr. N. Vasudendra and others were present on the dais. Comrades and well wishers from different districts of Karnataka were also present.
There was a music session in the evening with songs , sitar recital, and flute recital.

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