Historic Peasants’ Movement completes six months, shows grit to continue till demands are met


No. Iron fencing, boulder barriers, dug trenches, spike plates, police brutality, disruption in power and water supply, inhuman and callous attitude of the autocratic government, vicious spread of deadly pandemic, chilling winter cold, scorching sun of summer, heavy rain—nothing could play spoilsport to the indomitable spirit, resolute courage and fighting zeal of the lakhs of peasants who have been continuing their just struggle since 26 November 2020 in demand for repeal of the three anti-farmer pro-corporate Black Laws and Electricity (Amendment) bill in the three border points of capital city of Delhi. Already, around 500 precious lives of the struggling peasants have been lost during the course of the movement. But the peasants are unwavering, ready to make more sacrifices, if need be, to realize their just demands.

To strengthen the movement in this situation of covid pandemic, Sanjukta Kisan Morcha and one of itskey constituents, AIKKMS, appealed to the people to observe 26 May 2021 as ‘Black Day’ across the country.The people of India, irrespective of caste,creed, gender, religion, region or ethnicitywholeheartedly responded to this call and made it a grand success.
AIKKMS workers and organisers worked in 21 states and hoisted black flag on the roof of thousands of houses and organised small gatherings in hundreds of villages maintaining covid protocol.Comrade Satyawan, President and Comrade Shankar Ghosh,General Secretary of AIKKMS, congratulatedthe people for their unstinted support to the cause of the peasants.They expressed conviction that the movement would continue till the ‘Black Farm Laws’ and the ill-conceived Electricity bill-2020 are repealed.

Earlier, AIKKMS organized an on-line national convention on the ‘Ongoing Peasants’ movement on 15 May 2021. The main resolution adopted at the convention is given below:

“This online  National convention, at the call of All India Kisan Khet Mazdoor Sangathan, AIKKMS, expresses its wholehearted revolutionary greetings to the struggling farmers across the country, particularly the farmers of the states of Punjab, Haryana, UP, Rajasthan etc. sitting on the Delhi borders, facing all kinds of repression-harassment, heat-and-cold, various kinds of conspiracies, malicious propaganda, crisis due to Lockdown,  fighting with undaunted spirit to advance this movementsince last 6 months to repeal  the three black farm laws and the electricity bill -2020 and to ensure the legal guarantee for government procurement of farmers’ produce at one and a half times the cost price.This convention holds this opinion that three farm acts and electricity bill-2020 are detrimental to the interest of the peasantry, as well as of the common people of our country and will serve the interest of the corporates of home and abroad.So this convention demands to repeal these acts and bill immediately.This convention also demands the legal guarantee for the government procurement of the agricultural produce at one and half times of its production cost.

The whole country is now in a very precarious condition due to second wave of covid pandemic.This convention demands of the central and state governments to make adequate arrangements to make the lives of our people safe.

This convention notes that Government of India is sitting with its eyes and ears shut towards this largest and completely peaceful peasant movement.This is a matter of great regret.This convention strongly condemns this anti-people attitude of the BJP-led central government.This convention  expresses its gratitude to the students, youths, women, trade unions, intellectuals, lawyers, doctors, medical  organisations who have been providing  support to the kisan andolan since the very beginning.

This convention firmly believes that this peasant movement is committed to protect  agriculture and the peasants,as well as the interest of the toiling people across the country.
This convention urges the people of India to come forward and stand by the peasant movement to defeat the heinous design of the BJP government to serve their corporate masters.We shall fight, we will win.”

SUCI(C) and its mass and class organizations like AIDSO, AIDYO, AIMSS and AIUTUC also endorsed the ‘Black Day’ call and observed it with due solemnity. AIKKMS has also given call to observe 5 June 2021 as the “Save Agriculture, Drive Out Corporates,” Day.

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