Gujarat SUCI(C) demands strict implementation of liquor prohibition rule


On 25 July, a pathetic hooch tragedy in the rural areas of Ahmedabad and Botad districts of Gujarat took away many lives and warranted hospital admission of many more. In spite of existence of a Liquor Prohibition rule in the state, such incidents of loss of lives because of consumption of poisoned liquor is increasing. This does raise a question mark about the intention of BJP government and its administration. This latest tragedy has exposed the nexus of the government, its administration, liquor-making companies and bootleggers. SUCI(C) has sent a fact-finding committee on 27 July to conduct an on-the-spot enquiry. Reflecting people’s voice, the Gujarat SUCI(C) has demanded— 1.Stringent punishment of the officials responsible for these tragedy. 2. Appropriate compensation to the family of the deceased and providence of free treatment of other affected people. 3. Strict implementation of Liquor Prohibition Policy

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