Ensure safety and security of women in our country.

Comrade Provas Ghosh, the General Secretary of SUCI (Communist), issued the following statement to the press today 15th May, 2017 :
On 9th May a girl was brutally gang raped and murdered at Rohtak, Haryana. She was kidnapped and raped inside the car by the offenders, then brutally murdered. Even before arrest of the culprits of Rohtak incident, another ghastly incident occurred in Gurgaon, adjacent to Delhi on last Saturday night, the 13th May. A woman of Sikkim, staying in Delhi was abducted from the street, gang raped inside a car and after that thrown her to the street at midnight. Till today, police have not arrested anyone of the offenders. One after another such shocking and shameful incidents within the country has become a matter of grave concern. Particularly women and girls of North eastern states are becoming a target of attack of the criminals in Delhi, the capital of the country, which is also a matter of deep regret. The central government and the party in power, BJP, is showing much concern for saving the cows. But do they really have any concern for protecting the life and dignity of the women of our country?
We demand :
Immediate arrest and stringent punishment to the culprits of both the incidents,
Urgent and concrete steps to ensure safety and security of women in our country.

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