ELECTION OR NO ELECTION SUCI(C) is in the streets upholding people’s demands



Grave blunders of the Board of Intermediate (BIE) of the Telangana state resulted in the tragic death of more than 20 students. Mistakes in evaluation and tabulation were rampant. Hundreds of students were marked absent despite having appeared in the exams. This BIE goof-up has triggered furore in the state. Students and parents have been staging protests as about 3.28 lakh students have failed in the examinations. One student who was the topper in the first year has been awarded zero marks in Telugu in the second year. Evaluation and tabulation has been handed over to an inexperienced private agency which was incapable of handling the volume of the job. As a consequence of this criminal negligent act of the BIE and the TRS government of Telangana, lakhs of students have been worst casualties and unable to bear the shock, more than 20 among them have committed suicides. In protest against this wanton criminality of playing with the future of lakhs of students, a joint rally was organized by Telangana AIDSO and other students’ organizations on 29 April last in Hyderabad demanding compensation of Rs.50 lakh to the parents of the students who have committed suicide, immediate stopping of outsourcing of functions of Board of Intermediate Education and stringent punishment to those responsible for such grave anomalies in the Intermediate results. Extending support to the protest movement, Professor P L Vishewswara Rao, President, All India Save Education Committee, Telangana chapter, in a press conference held in Hyderabad held the BIE authorities squarely responsible for such an utterly irresponsible and highly anti-student anti-education act and demanded justice for the victims.  


Kerala State AIDSO held a protest march to University College in Thiruvananthapuram on 6 May demanding stringent measures against the SFI goons whose harassment led to an attempted suicide by a girl student in that college. The rally also protested motivated actions of the college authorities and the police in shielding the culprits. When the protest rally reached a place called Palayam, the police blocked the road to the college. The protesters then sat on the road and continued voicing protest. Addressing the rally, Comrade Binu Baby, President, Kerala State AIDSO said that it is not only in University College, but in every college where the SFI has strong presence, they have been flexing muscle power, abusing governmental power and resorting to other nefarious practices to silence other organizations and students. This suicide attempt revealed that SFI’s wrong- doings have turned the campuses into literal gallows. In her suicide note, the girl student clearly mentioned that those affiliated to SFI were harassing her only because she dared to protest against their wrong practices. The fact that the SFI have been unleashing brutal attacks on any dissenting voices has already come to light on many occasions. AIDSO has demanded immediate end of such overlordism and misdeeds of the SFI, exemplary punishment to the culprits, withdrawal of false cases registered against the victim girl student, a judicial enquiry into the incident and restoration of democratic atmosphere in the campuses.


On 6 May last, Gujarat State SUCI(C) organised a public demonstration at Collector office, Ahmedabad on various burning issues of people’s life like drought, water crisis, farmers’ problems, autocracy of multinational company PEPSICO who recently sued at least nine Gujarat farmers asking them to pay 1.05 crore each as damages for ‘infringing its rights’ by growing the potato variety used in its Lay’s chips, most heinously, rising incidents of rapes and gangrapes etc. A delegation submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister of Gujarat through the Ahmedabad district collector.

West Bengal

On 6 May, AIDSO organized a protest demonstration in front of the office of the West Bengal Education Department office against the most the devastating decision of the TMC government of keeping the govern-ment and government-aided schools closed for two long months which would seriously harm the students. In a memorandum to the education minister, AIDSO demanded imme-diate withdrawal of the decision. 

Haryana AIKKMS demanded compensation from the Haryana government

In a Press Note by   Anup Singh Matanhale, President, and  Jaikaran Madhauthi Haryana state Committee of All India Kishan Khet Mazdoor Sangathan, issued on 27 April 2019,  it was mentioned that in hundreds of villages in districts of  Rohtak and Jhajjar  wheat crop of hundreds of acres of land have been totally burnt to ashes.  Devastation was so  pervasive, that not even the minimum amount of the crop for the family as also fodder for the cattle could be saved. Every year during this season, crops are destroyed by fire ignited from sparks from the overhead high tension wires, leaving farmers helpless. In the Note the demands were made to the Haryana government to immediately provide compensation  to the farmers  at the rate of of Rs 40,000 per acre. In a situation in which all the necessities like seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, diesel etc. are becoming costlier every day and on the contrary, the farmers do not get the minimum price for their crops, this kind of unwarranted calamities must be compensated for. Otherwise the  farmers would be forced to  launch more powerful struggles in future.   

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