Delhi State SUCI(C) Vehemently Condemns Jahangirpuri Attack


Delhi State SUCI(C) vehemently condemns demolition and eviction drives in minority-dominated areas by RSS-BJP

Comrade Pran Sharma, Delhi State Secretary, SUCI(C) issued a statement on 20 April 2022 condemning vehemently the eviction and demolition drive initiated by the BJP controlled North Delhi Municipal Corporation at Jahangirpuri area. where anti-Muslim riots were engineered by RSS-BJP on 16 April 2022, by taking out a Hanuman Jayanti Yatra with provocative slogans and lethal weapons in front of a local mosque—an action familiar to the pattern followed by the BJP ruled states of MP and UP where after engineering communal clashes, Muslim localities were targeted with demolition.
Similar incidents have been witnessed in the country in about 10 states in the last 15 days after taking out Ramanavami or Hanuman Jayanti processions with provocative slogans and lethal weapons.
While the Sangh Parivar and BJP is bent upon diverting the attention of the people from the real problems of their life and involving them in the communal frenzy, it’s real aim is to reap electoral benefits in the 2024 elections through communal polarization of votes. Thereby the BJP wants to give a further lease of life to the moribund and crisis-ridden capitalism which has outlived its utility and is an obstacle to social progress. The SUCI(C) appealed to people to come forward and to resist these fascist attacks of RSS-BJP-Sangh Parivar by forming Mohalla committees of all the communities and foil the conspiracy and attempts to divide the people and build up people’s movement on the real issues of life and separate religion from politics. Party also demands that the government should compensate people for the losses suffered by them due to communal attacks and subsequent demolition of their houses by the state, added Comrade Sharma.

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