Congratulations to the people of Bihar

Comrade Provas Ghosh, General Secretary of SUCI (Communist) has issued the following statement today on the poll results of Bihar Assembly:

The Bihar assembly poll results is a decisive verdict of the people against the BJP`s nefarious, communal and all-out anti-people politics. Besides sham slogans of development under Modi`s regime, the Sangh Paribar resorted to aggressive communal campaign, but the people of Bihar could see through this heinous game and have decisively rejected BJP in the poll. We congratulate the people of Bihar for this. The defeat of BJP was not only the desire of the people of Bihar but of all the secular and democratic people of whole India.
Yet, it should be noted that the constituents of the Mahajot were ruling parties in different times in the past either in the state or at center and their record shows them as neither secular nor democratic and pro-people. As there was no powerful united left-democratic alternative, the people had to vote for the Mahajot in the election. We hope, although the Mahajot is not a progressive force, its victory in the present situation will definitely put a check, to an extent, on the growing arrogance of the Hindu fundamentalists. But only powerful united left and democratic movement can thwart the rising danger of fascism in the country.

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