Conference Convened by Communist Party of Pakistan in Islamabad for Creating A Left Alternative

Addressing the conference, Imdad Kazi, General Secretary, Communist Party of Pakistan said that the capitalists are engaged in accumulating wealth and riches through exploitation. Overthrow of capitalism is only possible through Socialist Revolution.

The Left Alternative Conference was convened by the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) on 18 June 2022 wherein the delegates of the sixteen leftist parties participated. The speakers categorically expressed deep concern over the deteriorating socioeconomic situation of the country the responsibility of which they squarely placed on the shoulders of the civil-military-bureaucracy which is in collusion with judiciary and capitalist and aristocratic elites of the country. The labourers, workers and the toiling masses have been bearing the brunt of the worsening socio-economic-political condition. On the contrary, the ruling junta is busy mercilessly gobbling down the resources of the smaller provinces and nationalities, especially Baluchistan with impunity. To counter this depressing and hopeless situation, the Left Parties were in full agreement that they have to get united to provide an alternative platform for the masses.
The conference was of the opinion that Pakistan has been converted into a religious and security state instead of a welfare state, and expressed the resolve to make Pakistan a secular and pluralistic society providing equal status to all religions and nationals with the provision of safe society for women and other weaker segments. The present ruling political parties, civil and military bureaucracy have completely encroached the state, and Pakistan has been pushed into a very difficult situation due to the connivance of ruling elite and international bodies like the International Monetary Fund (IMF). A joint declaration was issued at the end of the conference and a 5-member Committee was constituted to further the realization of the objective of the Left Alliance.

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