Concern over the urging of R.S.S chief Sri Ram Mohan Bhagwat


Expressing grave concern over the urging of  R.S.S chief Sri Ram  Mohan  Bhagwat for countrywide banning of cow slaughter and ensure more effective measures for its compliance, Sri Provash Ghosh General Secretary of the SUCI (Communist) in a statement stated that in a multi-religious multi-lingual country like ours, which was viewed by our freedom fighters as a true secular democratic country, such a move is fraught with grave danger and consequences. It is sure to strike at the very root of unity of all Indian People irrespective of caste, creed, religion and language. He further emphasized that disunity of serious nature will destroy the very social fabric which is so vital for our existence and further rise of our country as a great and noble nation, firmly upholding all human rights, secular democratic values and noble culture. We therefore strongly feel that this extremely destructive idea is given up at once. We also appeal to the right thinking people, all secular democratic parties all over the country to unite and take immediate steps so that this pernicious idea mooted by R.S.S is given-up forthwith.

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