Concern only for governmental gaddi — SUCI (Communist)


Sri Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI (Communist) has issued the following statement today 10th June, 2020:

It is most shocking that the BJP leadership has chosen the present time to sound the bugle of ensuing assembly elections in Bihar and West Bengal, when the people of the country are extremely worried, helpless and bewildered as already Corona virus has infected lakhs, killed thousands people and infections are alarmingly increasing daily due to utter negligence of central and state governments, who practically have left the countrymen to the mercy of deadly virus. Notably the number of infections and deaths are already on the verge of overtaking some devastated western countries and WHO has sounded an alarm that very soon a big explosion of Covid-19 will grip India. Moreover, crores of retrenched workers, migrant laboures and unemployed youths are languishing in abject poverty, starvation and many are dying being denied of any concrete governmental help. Does this attitude not prove that the rulers do not care at all for the life and death of the people? Their sole motive lies in anyhow grabbing the ministerial power with the blessings of the monopolists and multinationals even riding on the bodies of the Corona victims and starving countrymen.

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