Comrade Krishna Chakraborty is no more


Comrade Krishna Chakraborty, former member of the Polit Bureau of the Central Committee of the, SUCI(C) and ex-President, AIUTUC, breathed his last on 8 May 2021, at 8.10 AM at Calcutta Heart Clinic and Hospital, Kolkata,  after prolonged illness. He was 87.

Comrade Krishna Chakraborty came in contact with Comrade Provash Ghosh,  in the early 1950s when he was a student of Kalidhan Institution in South Kolkata and was involved in socio cultural activities. Then onwards, he gradually felt attraction towards Comrade Shibdas Ghosh Thought and SUICI (Communist) and became close to the Party. Later, he had met Comrade Shibdas Ghosh and this meeting had left an indelible mark in his mind and he subsequently decided to join the Party and began to struggle to understand the essence of Marxism-Leninism-Shibdas Ghosh Thought so as to develop himself as a true revolutionary. When All India Founding Convention of DSO was held in 1954 in which Comrade Provash Ghosh was elected as the General Secretary of the organization, Comrade Krishna Chakraborty became one of the joint assistant secretaries and as such he devoted himself in building up student movements. Later when his family shifted from South Kolkata to Dum Dum area in North Kolkata, he started developing the Party unit there. Then in the mid-1960s, he was elected West Bengal State Secretary of AIDSO. In 1968 he was deputed to Delhi to explore expansion of Party organisation there.

Afterwards, in 1969, the Party leadership sent him to Kerala to develop Party activities through a contact. From then onwards, Comrade Krishna Chakraborty was deputed to build up the Party not only in Kerala but throughout South India. Expansion of the Party throughout the South Indian belts was to a good extent attributable to his arduous efforts. In course of this, he also recruited a number of comrades who had and have been playing crucial role in Party organization. Under the advice of the Party leadership, he later looked after Party work in some other Western states as well. He played a key role in organizing the Second Party Congress in Delhi in 2009 as well as the historic Delhi March of the Party in March 2012. 

In the first Party Congress held in Kolkata in 1988, Comrade Krishna Chakraborty was elected a member to the Central Committee. In the 19th All India conference of AIUTUC in March 2008, he was elected President of that organization. After the Second Party Congress, he was inducted in the Polit Bureau of the Party. He continued to be in the Polit Bureau and the Central Committee till February 2018.

In October 2014, Comrade Krishna Chakraborty suffered a severe bout of acute respiratory distress with Lower Respiratory Tract infection and was admitted in St. Martha’s Hospital, Bangalore. As his condition deteriorated, Comrade Provash Ghosh, sent a team of doctors to Bangalore in order to assess the situation. Being briefed about his critical condition, Comrade Provash Ghosh asked the medical team to bring him to Kolkata by air-ambulance for better treatment. Accordingly, Comrade Krishna Chakraborty was brought to Kolkata and admitted in Calcutta Heart Clinic and Hospital where he was diagnosed as a case of gross Ischemia of multiple walls of the heart with heart failure along with acute exacerbations of COPD. An emergency angioplasty was done to remove significant blockage in one of his main coronary arteries following which he became relatively stable and overcame the crisis. But since then, he could not regain health and had to be stationed in Kolkata under regular monitoring of a team of reputed consultants. He needed frequent hospitalization as well as his condition often became critical.  Of late, when he was found to be having severe respiratory distress, he was admitted in the Critical Care Unit of Calcutta Heart Clinic and Hospital on 1 March and later diagnosed of acute kidney injury and sepsis with multi-organ failure besides pulmonary aggravations which ultimately caused his demise.

Red Salute Comrade Krishna Chakraborty

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