Comrade K Sridhar addressed international online meeting to end siege on and sanctions against Syria


The ‘Arab International Popular Campaign’ organized a special online meeting of the international members of the preparatory committee on 1March, 2023 to discuss the means and ways needed to break the siege on Syria and the ways to provide necessary help and support to the earthquake victims there. Comrade K. Sridhar, Central Committee member, SUCI(C), and one of the members of the above international preparatory committee presented the views of All India Anti-Imperialist Forum in that online meeting.
In his speech, Comrade Sridhar pointed out that hundreds of thousands of people of Southern Turkey and northern Syria severely affected by the recent earthquakes are now totally dependent on humanitarian aid from abroad. The planted rebellious groups sponsored by US imperialism and its allies has made the situation worst in Syria.
United Nations have admitted that very little aid is reaching Syria. So, our appeal to the international community is to provide as much as possible humanitarian aid to the earthquake-stricken people rising above all political considerations. Political manipulation of distribution of aids must never happen. Our appeal is for liberal humanitarian aid and an efficient distribution mechanism to reach the needy people. We have to save Syria from utter ruination.
Since the US imperialists and their associates orchestrated proxy war in Syria in 2011, they have killed 1.5% of the pre-war population of Syria and displaced nearly half the Syrian population numbering in millions. Syria was a secular, multinational, multilingual country which had the highest educational level in the region and had totally free healthcare before this war. Now the Syrian people are facing extreme sufferings for no fault of theirs or their elected government but because of internal disturbances orchestrated by US imperialism and its allies.
Syrian oil is being stolen regularly from the occupied zones by US military forces. This along with the destruction of the infrastructure has caused the Syrian oil industry the loss of billions of dollars and made life of Syrians extremely difficult with only a few hours of electricity available per day even before the recent earth quake. Before the earthquake itself, schools and hospitals were not functioning properly. Earthquake has worsened the situation further.
A condition in being created for US to succeed in installing a puppet regime in Syria though conspiracy hatched to annexed Iraq or bend Libya did not work here. In fact, Syria is strongly defending its territory and national spirit by taking help from friendly countries like Iran, Russia and the Hezbollah forces from Lebanon which are coordinating with the Syrian military. To weaken and intimidate Syria, sanctions were imposed by the US and its associates on the pretext that Syrian government has been repressing its own people. It bears recall that US allegation of Syrian government having used poisonous Sarin gas on its people was proved baseless even by UN which instead said such gas was used by US-backed rebels. With an eye on grabbing oil, steel and military industries of Syria US and its allies are perpetrating the so called civil war. In fact, constant bombing and military assault have inflicted considerable damage to Syria.
Imperialist-sponsored wars only help boost military consumption and thereby artificially stimulate demand in capitalist market shrinking due to the drastic fall in purchasing power of the common people. The endless wars unleashed by greedy imperialist powers have become a menace to the world. The international community should raise their voice and organize themselves to put an end to these wars. We from the All India Anti-Imperialist Forum demand that the sanctions and the siege on Syria be immediately and permanently withdrawn and appeal to the people of the world to raise their voice in every country to realize this goal by applying pressure on the respective governments.
Down with imperialism!
Long live international solidarity of the working people!

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