Communist Party of Pakistan’s press statement on visit of Saudi Arabian Crown Prince


 The main purpose behind the over exaggerated media propagation of visiting crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, was nothing, but a mere hope based on delusions,  to be bringing all imaginable affluence and fortunes to Pakistan . A Déjà vu, festive, was observed during the previous Government on the visit of Chinese President Xen Peng in the same manner.  One can question, does these treatise bring any progress, economic stability and have caused to elevate exchange rate of rupee? The answer is in negative!

Saudi or Chinese investment treatise and MOU are never supposed to bring   progress, development   and prosperity for the country and the people.  This can be achieved, when we grossly cut down the expenditure of the Government and the military, adopting simplicity and resourcing self-reliance.

Measures should be taken to rehabilitate country’s best agricultural land, restore dilapidated  industrial structure, oil, gas and mineral resources  of the country should be nationalized and utilized for the progress of the development of the country and prosperity of the people, instead of giving it to the foreigners  at throw away prices. This statement was issued by Communist party of Pakistan after the meeting of its political bureau. Serious apprehensions regarding covert objectives of the visit of the Crown Prince were also observed in the statement, which can be clearly seen in the joint press conference of Saudi and Pakistani foreign ministers, where the previous strongly ranted against Iran.

It is widely believed that a contingent of the Pakistan army stationed in Saudi Arabia and the Ex-Army Chief of Pakistan Army Mr. Raheel Shareef,  currently an employ of the Saudi Royalty, may be utilized for regime change in Iran in the wake of deepening  US – Saudi : Iran conflict.

Communist Party of Pakistan asks upon the people to rise for a vital role to play at this very crucial time, not let Pakistan become once again another proxy shenanigan in service of the imperialist powers, a similar dirty role it has played in past in the overthrow of People’s Revolutionary Government in Afghanistan, turning Pakistan into a Jihadi base camp, funded by Saudi Arabia and its Arab and Western allies, under the patronage of Pakistan Army and USA.

CPP strongly condemns the terrorist attack in Pulwama Kashmir (India) and violence against innocent people. Pakistan Government should muzzle  its non-state actors and similarly  Indian Government  has also to manage the increasing fanaticism in India, otherwise it will be  most unfortunate if India,  too, becomes another Pakistan.

There is no doubt in the fact that Jaish-e-Muhammad has tremendously helped BJP to increase its vote bank to win again in the coming elections.

Fanatics and militant fundamentalists on both sides of the border are mutual good buddies, rescue one another when fall in need of each other.

Polit Bureau.

18.02.2019 Communist Party of Pakistan.

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