Citizens’ Convention in Uttarakhand


A citizens’ convention on burning problems of people’s lives was organiszd in Srinagar, Garhwal Uttarakhand after one month of intensive campaign in Srinagar and adjoining villages. Important issue has been sinking of Joshimath because of unplanned urbanization, pilgrimage projects and construction of dams, etc., by destroying hills and obstructing natural flow of rivers.
In spite of booking Nagarpalika hall before 15 days, the BJP administration cancelled the hall at last hours. The meeting was shifted to another venue which was well attended by leading citizens of the town and spoke against government planning to foil this convention. This convention was presided by Dr Vishnudutt Kukrety, well-known Sanskrit scholar and educationist. Other speakers were journalist Ganga Asnora, Uma Ghindiyal, Anil Chand Tiwari, Anil Swami, veterans Trade union leader PB Dowal and Kuldeep Ramola.
Main speaker of convention was Dr. Tarun Mandal, former MP, (third from left) spoke about experience of citizens movement in West Bengal and appealed to all to build up people’s movement in Uttarakhand on the burning issues. The proceedings of convention was conducted by Mukesh Semwal, a leading social activist of the state. A well drafted resolution on various problems of the state was passed with firm resolve to develop citizens forum in future for conducting people’s movements in the state.

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