Call of the General Secretary Comrade Pravash Ghosh on the eve of the 103rd anniversary of Great November Revolution


Dear Comrades
You are quite aware that the 103rd anniversary of the Great November Revolution is approaching at a time when on the one hand not only people of our country but the entire world population are still in the grip of the unending danger of Covid-19, which has already claimed lives of the lakhs of people; on the other further intensification of unprecedented recession has made almost more than half of the world population retrenched, unemployed pushing lakhs of people to starvation and death.
In a word entire mankind is faced with an unprecedented crisis. It is evidently clear that the wide spread of this dangerous virus and loss of so large number of human lives could have been checked if imperialist-capitalist rulers had acted promptly going beyond their profit making economic interest and had provided adequate health care by curtailing ever increasing military budget.
It is also known economic recession and its associated problems are inevitable outcome of the imperialist-capitalist economy, where capitalists, monopolists, multinationals in their bid to earn maximum profit perpetuate maximum exploitation of the laboring people by running their grinding wheel of exploiting machine crushing the lives of billions.
Long back Great Marx & Engels scientifically analyzing had forewarned the inevitability of this disastrous outcome of capitalist economy and called upon the workers of world to unite to organize revolution, and replace capitalism by first phase of communism, i.e. socialism.
Great Lenin and Stalin materialized this historic mission by organizing November Revolution and build up for the first time in human history a society free from all class exploitation and oppression, a socialist society based on concrete application of Marxism-Leninism became so much developed economically, politically, culturally that it could provide jobs to all, could abolish unemployment-hunger-begging, nationality and ethnic conflicts, inequality between men and women and provided cheap essential articles, freedom and democratic rights for working people, free education and medical care for all etc. Further this socialist country proposed to abandon arms production and end all colonial occupation and wars, it helped freedom movements and liberation struggles of all colonies & semi-colonies. It played a heroic role in defeating the menacing fascist forces in the Second World War to save the mankind.
In fact, when entire Western capitalist civilization was engulfed by complete darkness ,this new socialist civilization emerged as a dawn in the Eastern horizon which not only became a hope of all oppressed people of the world but also hailed by all great humanist personalities of the Western and colonial countries.
It is a matter of great tragedy in history after serving humanity for few decades this new civilization was destroyed and again capitalism was restored there by counter revolution engineered by internal hidden enemies in connivance with external imperialism which took the advantage of certain serious mistakes and deviations of post Stalin leadership. But as the fall of Paris Commune provided experiences enriching Marxism and guided November Revolution, similarly this counter revolution also provided more rich experiences as shown by Great Marxist thinker Comrade Shibdas Ghosh to guide future working class revolution.
Now world situation is very horrifying and pathetic. World imperialism-capitalism is in death bed, but not yet dead as no social system dies automatically. It is almost like a rotten, putrefied, decomposed carcass gasping its last and spreading stench in every walks of life.
Thus economically, ideologically, politically, morally capitalism is pushing the entire humanity towards complete ruination. Defenders of capitalism, hired bourgeois politicians and economists, being afraid of another socialist revolution, laboring day and night to find a remedy to save the dying patient, but they are groping in darkness in vain.
On the other hand there are surging waves of mass protests which are being ruthlessly crushed by fascist capitalist regimes everywhere. More they are ruthless and ferocious in suppression more there are outbursts of mass discontents defying all onslaughts. Oppressed people are undaunting, brave, struggling, they desire change, but they do not have any revolutionary ideology, higher culture, organization and leadership. So, crying need of the hour is to develop and strengthen revolutionary working class party armed with Marxism-Leninism-ShibdasGhosh thought in all countries to implement the historic message of Great November Revolution.
In this backdrop it is our historic duty, as revolutionary fighters of the SUCI (Communist),the party founded by Great Marxist thinker Comrade Shibdas Ghosh to consolidate and expand our party in the country, organize and intensify class and mass struggles based on higher revolutionary ideology and proletarian culture and thereby inspire, educate and help proletariat of other countries. This is the call of the 103rd anniversary of the Great November Revolution to us.
With Revolutionary Greetings
Pravash Ghosh

SUCI (Communist)
48 Lenin Sarani
Kolkata 700013

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