Call of Comrade Provash Ghosh on the eve of Birth Centenary of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, our leader, teacher and guide


Dear Comrades and Friends,
I know and firmly believe that it is not at all necessary to appeal to the comrades for the observance of the yearlong birth centenary of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, a great Marxist thinker of this era and Founder-General Secretary of our beloved party, because the comrades and supporters as students of our great teacher are spontaneously prepared with much emotion and dedication to pay deepest homage with solemnity.
This is an occasion to remember again Comrade Shibdas Ghosh’s historic struggle carried out with boundless emotion for the oppressed people, a life and death struggle very rare in history, a struggle extremely arduous and tortuous waged with firm conviction, unflinching determination, indomitable spirit, undaunted courage, profound perseverance and patience, with a great dream to concretize Marxism, the revolutionary philosophy, in the Indian soil and thereby enriching this ideology further to build up a genuine communist party for the emancipation of the oppressed people of our country from the yoke of capitalist exploitation and at the same time strengthening the international communist movement.
Remembering all this means rekindling our conscience and strengthening ourselves as real revolutionary fighters, as he desired.
To achieve that what is required are: a) a serious and consistent endeavour to study and restudy his revolutionary teachings in order to assimilate and apply them in our life struggle; b) a determined struggle to come out from the petty bourgeois prejudices to break the barriers to mixing and living with the oppressed people with deep emotion, to study their lives, feel their sufferings in order to politicalize and organize them and involve them in class and mass struggles; c) a continuous and effective effort to enhance our ideological and organizational standard; d) a decisive relentless struggle to detect and defeat all our bourgeois vices and habits to attain higher proletarian culture, which demands unhesitant and unconcealed self-criticism and acceptance of others’ criticism happily; e) a tenacious struggle to acquire the habit of self-initiative to undertake any work without waiting for instructions from the leadership; f) an aptitude to learn from all, even from the common man in the street; g) not to allow oneself to become victim of conceitedness and dizziness when there is success in work, as well as not to become frustrated for failures; h) an undaunted initiative to explore new areas braving all odds and difficulties; i) to lead a mass life in residential areas and working places to win the love and confidence of the masses by reflecting pro-people attitude and high moral conduct, thereby virtually becoming one of their own and leader.
These are some of the points by adopting which we can advance to acquire the quality of worthy students of our great teacher.
On this occasion we will certainly take pledge as revolutionaries to heighten our initiative and involve ourselves in relentless all-embracing struggles to enable us to achieve the above-mentioned standard.
We know that all earlier great movements in history, like the religious movements, the Renaissance and the bourgeois democratic revolutions, the freedom struggles and the Russian and Chinese proletarian revolutions produced and projected their own leaders to rouse, inspire, educate and organize the common people. Without that no revolutionary movement could advance. But at the initial stage, the frightened ruling class of those periods conspired to conceal the revolutionary ideas and its leaders from the people. When their conspiracy failed and revolutionary ideas and the names of the leaders became popular, with fierce malice the ruling classes hounded and persecuted the revolutionary leaders, denounced the revolutionary ideas with unscrupulous campaign of lies and slanders to mislead the people, but all was in vain.
The same thing is happening now in case of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh and his revolutionary ideas. Already he had emerged as a great proletarian revolutionary leader and thinker, and that is accepted and respected by us, party comrades, supporters, sympathizers and the follower masses, but he is not yet known to the vast number of the people, as from apprehension the ruling class and the media at this stage motivatedly ignore him, maintain silence, attempt to omit and obliterate his name and teachings, lest oppressed people find the proper revolutionary path of struggle.
Now both nationally and internationally people are faced with an unprecedented critical situation. It is the last phase of moribund capitalism, when people are engulfed in ever intensifying sufferings in all aspects of life. In fact crisis-ridden capitalism is gasping, but will not die automatically as no social system dies in that way, it needs the conscious role of the exploited class to hasten its death and dig their graves.
At present we find that pent-up accumulated grievances of the exploited people are bursting out sporadically here and there, even lasting for months. Movements after movements like surging tide are rising and waning. But there is no revolutionary leader, no revolutionary ideology and party before them to lead. Everywhere people are discontented, they desire protest, they urge for change, but the crying need of the hour is to make the emergence of proletarian leadership known to the exploited people. As we have already stated, we have not yet been able to project the proletarian revolutionary leader Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, his teachings and our party before the entire exploited people.
Now it is the urgently needed, indispensable task to project Comrade Shibdas Ghosh as the great Marxist thinker and leader of the proletarian revolution first nationally and then internationally by circulating books containing valuable discussions which enriched the treasury of Marxism-Leninism.
With these objectives, specifically on this occasion, comrades must move throughout the country to cover at least the important cities and towns of the country and circulate those books among the students, youths, workers, peasants, teachers, intellectuals and explore new areas to develop party and class and mass fronts. At the same time, we should try our level best to find out and explore international connections with the like-minded communist parties and groups.
Further, discussions on his revolutionary teachings should be conducted among the workers, peasants, students, youths, women, intellectuals, so as to educate, inspire and organize them for strengthening revolutionary struggles. Book stalls and quotation exhibitions are to be organized widely throughout the country.
Regarding other tasks, I have already discussed them in ‘Once more on ideological and organizational problems’.

With Revolutionary Greetings,
Provash Ghosh
General Secretary
S U C I (Communist)

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