CAB & NRC — Need to be Opposed


Strongly criticizing the passage of the citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 passed in the Lok Sabha, Sri Provash Ghosh, General Secretary of SUCI (Communist) has issued the following statement:

The Idea of partition of India on the basis of religion mooted by Hindu Mahasabha, RSS and Muslim League and also the Indian National Congress gained ground with instant support and patronage of the then British Imperialist Rulers of India that resulted in massive exodus of people both from India and Pakistan. As a matter of fact this resulted in a refugee problem of unprecedented dimension. In such an atmosphere in deference to the wishes of the people of India Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India declared that all refugees would be granted citizenship in India and was regarded as a National Commitment which was to be implemented without any precondition or restrictions whereas granting of citizenship to new batch of refugees who have entered in recent times could have been done in accordance with the existing Constitution of India and the citizenship Act 1955 and along these other international laws, customs and conventions governing granting of citizenship. The BJP government instead of taking that course brought about a new Citizenship Amendment Bill without evolving prior national consensus and it was passed in both the houses of Parliament by its brute majority. Clearly it was completely unwarranted. In fact, these were brought about with a sinister motive and plan of the RSS-BJP combine to foment communal  and parochial sentiment and divide the people to divert their attention from burning problems of their lives so that  they can not come out to join democratic movements. We strongly deplore this utterly undemocratic and authoritarian move of the BJP government. It also cannot be glossed over that this mischievous move of the BJP government is linked with their sinister design of NRC which has been conceived by BJP government with the same evil and pernicious intention.  It is clear as day light that this citizenship bill have been envisaged by them as a weapon to push that heinous agenda.

Under the circumstances, we strongly feel that both these heinous moves need to be opposed tooth and nail developing powerful democratic movement throughout the country.

At the same time we like to emphasize that as per international laws, norms and customs a person from any country can seek and apply for citizenship of any other country of the world and he or she is entitled to get citizenship following the due process of law of the country concerned without any religious racial and ethnic bias and discrimination. We strongly demand that this be strictly adhered to by the government of India in dealing with such applications.

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