BJP Utilises Even the Corona Virus Disaster to fulfil its Narrow Game Plan


The BJP government’s failure and lack of sincerity to provide relief materials to billions of helpless people who have lost their jobs due to the lockdown has been cunningly justified by Amit Malavya, the chief of BJP’s IT cell. What reason did he cite for this worthless shortcoming? He stated that had there been the NRC list, it would have been easier to identify the such victimised Indian citizens and then everyone could be provided with the relief goods. The proverb goes that “Evil does not lack deception” aptly fits to the fact that even during the corona virus pandemic, the BJP satraps do not feel any shame in, covering up grossly inadequate supply of relief material to the affected, mostly the poor, shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), essential to insulate the doctors, nurses, paramedics and other healthcare staff from corona infection and absence of sufficient test centres for corona testing. Instead they are feeling no qualm whatsoever to irrelevantly and motivatedly link the corona pandemic with the evil ploy of NRC.
But it is not unknown to the ruling party BJP and its spokesmen why the common people of the country are legitimately opposed to the NRC-NPA-CAA conspiracy. While the NRC has been a ploy to declare bona fide Indian citizens as “illegal foreigners” through a slew of manipulations, conspiratorial measures and highly controversial steps, NPR has been a backdoor route to implement NRC. Similarly, most uncalled for CAA on the pretext of acceding to the long pending demand of the refugees for citizenship has been a cunning, deceptive and diversionary move to dilute the surging anti-NRC movement. All these are aimed at precipitating divide among the common toiling masses and thereby disrupt their struggling unity against escalating capitalist oppression and repression. But, the ploy did not work out. Till very recently entire nation comprising innumerable students, youth, women and all sections of people of all ages irrespective of caste, creed, sex, sects and religion took to the streets and built up tides of movements across India. The mighty movements were intensified on such a scale that the ruling party leaders were visibly shaken. Whether they admit it in public or not, they themselves did realise it well. Hence, they have been on a lookout for an opportunity to broach the issue once again and seek to roll back people’s mind in favour of NRC-NPA-CAA. So, has been the attempt, no doubt a blunt one, to invoke the question of NRC taking the advantages of panic gripping people’s mind due to emerging of corona virus pandemic. The RSS-BJP are known for such mischievous games.
NPR was scheduled to be enforced across the country from 1st April. Union Home Minister had once stated that Government has the resources and infrastructure to go from door to door for effecting NPR. However when it comes to the question of delivering essential relief goods from door to door they excuse lack of necessary infrastructure. In fact, it is not lack of infrastructure, but lack of willingness on the part of the ruling dispensation to come to the rescue of the hapless have-nots as well as marked absence of suitable government policy. The BJP leaders are afraid to admit this simple truth. When the ruling RSS-BJP are asking people to take a break from politics at this grave hour, it is to be understood that they are in fact trying to keep any opposition or criticism at bay. Needless to say, no anti-people ruling party wants resilient and protesting politics. They want unabated, unprotested, silent acceptance of their anti-people policies by the common masses.
In this crucial situation of the country, while the petro-products prices are increasing, interests on bank deposits and national savings are being drastically slashed and prices of essential goods are registering galloping rise, the government with a view to keeping people engaged in religious superstitions and bigotry is prescribing anti-dotes in the form of sounding plates of bell-metal, blowing conchs and lighting candles and lamps. Incredible indeed! With the same intention of misleading, the BJP leaders have alluded to NRC when the need is to save people from the threat of corona based on scientific methods and approaches. Hopefully, the democratic conscience of the country would stay alive to protest such misdeeds.

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