BJP, RSS & Central Government are Fully Responsible for Delhi Riot.


Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), issued the following statement on Delhi violence on 26 February 2020:

It is most shocking to see that when Delhi is in flames because of an engineered communal attack and murders, arsons of houses and shops of minority community people which are being continuously reported from North-East Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is found embracing US President Trump in a joyous mood , enjoying sight-seeing and having delicious dinner.But he is not finding a single moment to give orders to stop the communal riot. It reminds one the inhuman insensitive behaviour of Emperor Nero when Rome was burning. Prime Minister Modi may be satisfied with the certificate awarded by President Trump that ‘Modi is honest, religious and ensures religious freedom’ in return of bagging a mega defence order from India. But will it be consoling to the innocent poor people who have lost fathers, sons, houses and properties ?

Who are responsible for this carnage is not difficult to understand. The BJP Government with a heinous objective has designed NPR-NRC and CAA again to communally divide the country.But people at large irrespective of religious-linguistic and ethnic differences have rejected these anti-people schemes. Spontaneously erupting movements were brutally attacked by police and the BJP-RSS goons killing and injuring many. Prime Minister Modi himself, in order to instigate communal tension, pointed to the dresses of the protesting people as a mark of identification of the community they belonged to. But that also has failed. This unprecedented historic movement mostly by the women started at Shaheen Bagh three months back without being called by any Party or any prominent leader. Despite many threats and provocations, it has remained peaceful and undaunted enjoying the support of the people. At present thousands of Shaheen Bagh like movements have come up in almost all corners of the country. Visibly shaken by this surging waves of movement, the union Home Minister in his election address in Delhi asked the people to give ‘electric shock’ to Shaheen Bagh movement by voting BJP. Another central BJP Minister stepped further and incited the people by asking to open fire on “the rascal Shaheen Bag protesters” (‘Golimaro, Shalekomaro’). Delhi people answered to this provocative speeches by voting against the BJP. Then Delhi BJP leader Kapil Misra gave three days ultimatum to vacate certain areas where protesters had been organizing an anti-NRC anti-CAA sit-in demonstration. When the protesters rejected this warning, attacks were launched against them by the hoodlums shouting slogans —’Jai Shri Ram’, ‘Hindustan Hinduo Ka’ etc.The attack was backed by police administration, which is controlled by the union Home Minister. Then Kapil Misra, the BJP MP from Delhi, boastfully declared that his mission has been successful in driving out the protesters. It is evidently clear that for this barbaric crime, the RSS-BJP and the BJP-led Central Government are 100 percent responsible. It needs to be mentioned that till date, none of the outside persons who attacked the Jamia Millia University and JNU students and killed many people in different areas of UP could be traced, let alone be punished.

It is very much pertinent to ask that although Pakistan is an Islamic fundamentalist state and a heaven for terrorists with the blessings of US imperialist rulers and Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country, how many communal riots and minority killings have occurred in both these countries in the last twenty years, save and except some incidents of forced or voluntary inter-religious marriages ? If we compare those countries with ‘secular democratic’ India, then unquestionably India witnessed many more riots and lynching of the minorities.It is a shame on our rulers. We appeal to the secular democratic people of the country to ponder over where the rulers of this country are leading us to.

We demand :—

1. Immediately stop this riot and exemplarily punish the culprits.

2. Conduct an Impartial Judicial Enquiry to find out the conspirators who engineered this riot along with the complicit role of the police administration.

3. Compensate life and property losses of the innocent people and render free treatment to the injured.

4. Ensure protection of the peaceful demonstrators against NRC-NPR-CAA movement at Shaheen Bagh and other parts of the country.

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