Today 18 February, Sri Provas Ghosh has issued the following statement on the incident in JNU and its aftermath:

Let me first pronounce our party`s unequivocal condemnation against the goons of BJP and its outfits for their cowardly attack upon the students of JNU. It is now quite clear that the ruling BJP was frantically trying to find out a pretext to make a case against the democratic atmosphere inside JNU with a view to making a plea to crack down on it. The 9th February incident where some objectionable slogans were raised by some fringe student group gave the sought-after pretext to BJP to bare its fascist fangs.

The way JNU students` union president was summarily arrested, the extraordinary haste in filing a case against him on the charge of sedition, the anti-national tag thrust upon the students and the critics, the ugly behavior of some BJP lawyers who went to the extreme of beating the journalists outside the Patiala court and the student leader inside the court, all these point to a definite plan by the top echelons of RSS and BJP.

It is heartening and encouraging to see that the intelligentsia and a broad section of the right thinking and democratic minded people of our country are raising their voices against the nefarious design of the Sangh Parivar and standing firmly by the side of the students. The fascist nature of the attack and BJP`s hate campaign against all the left student organizations calls for an united movement by the six left party combine.

It is to be noted that the record of Congress clearly shows that it is neither a secular nor a democratic party. We firmly hold that this movement is to be organized and led by the six left parties only.


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