Bangladesher Samajtantrik Dal (Marxist) pays homage to the great leaders Frederick Engels and Shibdas Ghosh

Under the auspices of Central Executive Committee of Bangladesher Samajtantrik Dal (Marxist), the 120th death anniversary of the great leader of Proletariat, Frederick Engels and 40th Memorial Day of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, one of the eminent Marxist thinkers of the day, were observed at the Party office at Topekhana Road in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Members of the Central Executive Committee of BASAD (Marxist) including Comrades Shuvrangshu Chakraborty, Manjura Neela, Phakruddin Kabir Atique, Saifujjaman Sakan, AKM Zahirul Islam, the Central President of Bangladesh Shramik Karmachari Federation, Seema Datta, President of Bangladesh Narimukti Kendra, its General Secretary Marjina Khatun, Naeema Khaled Monika, President of the Central Committee of Samajtantrik Chhatra Front and others were present in the solemn observance programme.
Comrade Shuvrangshu Chakraborty delivered a brief speech, wherein he elaborated great contributions of Frederick Engels, who alongwith Karl Marx propounded the outline of Marxism, the philosophy for emancipation of toiling masses. To them philosophy was not mere theoretical vocabularies, it was the unique guide to action to change the world, rarely to be found in human history.With his powerful pen he not only portrayed the plight and deprivation of the toiling people of the then developed capitalist countries like England, Germany and others. In his books one after another he gave convincing defeat to the idealist thoughts and philosophies that drag man away from struggle.
Comrade Chakraborty further said that Comrade Shibdas Ghosh was another great revolutionary who initiated his struggles during the days of anti-British imperialist independence movement. With due respect and recognition for the sacrifice of those who had spoken for emancipation of the working class in India, he clearly showed that genuine communist movement can not be built up without the genuine Marxist-Leninist outlook and its concrete application in every aspect of life. It was Comrade Ghosh who had showed the causes of emergence of modern revisionism and courses to be taken up to defeat it. When communist parties of different countries started suffering from frustration at the counter revolution in the former USSR, People’s Republic of China and other socialist countries, it was the invaluable teachings of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh that showed the path of courageous fight for comeback. Comrade Chakraborty called upon everybody to take lessons from the life struggle of these two great leaders to fight back the fascist misrule and rabid fanatic religious fundamentalism of contemporary Bangladesh.

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