Bangladesher Samajtantrik Dal (Marxist) condemns massacre at Gulshan in Dhaka

In a statement issued on 3 July 2016, Comrade Mubinul Haider Choudhury, General Secretary of Bangladesher Samajtantrik Dal (Marxist) strongly condemned the terrorist attack at a restaurant at Gulshan in Dhaka and the gruesome massacre of twenty people including many foreign nationals. Expressing deepest grief at the loss of life, and conveying his sympathy for the bereaved families, he demanded swift identification and trial of the murderous outfit and their accomplices, and exemplary punishment.
In his statement Comrade Choudhury, pointed out that this gruesome massacre stands as a glaring testimony how blind religious faith can make people inhuman. He also stressed that the government cannot absolve itself of the responsibility for this massacre. Even after recurring murders of writers-publishers- teachers- bloggers- clergies and purohits belonging to different communities like the Christians, the Hindus, and the Buddhists, from all over the country, the government tried to brush those aside as isolated incidents. Terming all these as anti-government conspiracies, they arrested more than 13000 people, most of them leaders and activists of opposition parties, in the name of anti-terrorist combing operations. Moreover, the ministers, including the Prime Minister, themselves have dished out advice to use greater restraint in writing in a compromise with the fundamentalist forces, and have made public a list of so-called blasphemous bloggers. Through Black Acts, etc., the government has curtailed the freedom of expression. Taking advantage of the situation, the terrorist outfits have gained strength and become desperate. Penetration of lethally armed terrorists in the protected diplomatic enclaves like Gulshan proves how insecure people’s life has become.
Comrade Mubinul Haider Choudhury further said: The bare truth is that by unleashing a reign of plunder and aggression with most ghastly effects, as in Afghanistan, different Middle East countries, and others, the imperialist rulers themselves have created these terrorists. And they have kept these terrorist forces alive with arms and money, utilizing them to give shape to various designs and conspiracies. On the other hand, the tyrannized, abused, rudderless youth community of the affected countries have associated themselves with terrorist groups with a view to fighting against the imperialists. In Bangladesh, too, the youth crushed under the yoke of capitalist rule and imperialist aggression, humiliated and rudderless, who are living a life bereft of dignity and honour — they are also taking to this route. Mistaking it as anti-imperialist struggle, they, in effect, are giving shape to the designs of imperialists, knowingly or not. By killing innocent common people, these terrorist outfits are creating an ambience of fear-apprehension-insecurity all over the world. And the rulers of imperialist countries, in turn, are making use of these events to suppress democratic movements and civil liberties.The situation could come to such a pass because of the weakness of the democratic and socialist forces which are the mainstay in the anti-imperialist struggle over the world. Only united struggle of anti-imperialist democratic and socialist forces can bring people out of this situation.
Comrade Chowdhury called upon all democratic minded people to come forward under the leadership of leftist forces to build up and develop struggles against imperialism and capitalism in the country.

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