Assam State SUCI(C) on spurt in unfortunate incidents of child marriage and child labour


Comrade Chandralekha Das, Assam State Secretary, SUCI (Communist), in a statement issued on 08-02-23 had said, inter alia, with grave concern that ever since the BJP-led Government came to power in Assam raising catchy slogan of all-out development, they, instead of taking up any specific developmental programme particularly in the field of agriculture and industry, are creating unnecessary hype over one after another meaningless issue only to buttress narrow sectarian electoral interest and pushing the poor misery-stricken people of the state to virtual ruination. It is also being observed with a deep sense of anguish that this government, with the vile intention of driving a wage into the unity of and amity among the common people of the state, is making the public mind suspicious and restive by injecting some fictitious and baseless apprehensions in their mind. In this process, they are also creating obstacle before development of united struggle of the oppressed people in demand for decent life and livelihood.
In this context, SUCI(C) liked to point out that problems of child marriage and child labour, which have their origin in extreme economic distress and lack of education among the people, are not only rampant in Assam, but all over the country sullying the socio-cultural fabric. Remedy lies in building up social movements on the basis of education, culture and proper social awareness and not in taking punitive measures and indulging in extremely inhuman steps.
SUCI(C) firmly demand of both the BJP-led state and central governments to abandon the path of precipitating divide among the toiling millions by stopping fostering prejudiced thoughts and undertake definite programmes of speedy industrial development to ensure the economic upliftment of all sections of people of the state and remove all backwardness from their minds. We also call upon them to immediately refrain from the heartless practice of detaining thousands of innocent people in jails and detention centres for no cogent reason. It is our clarion call to all sections of the toiling people of Assam— raise your voice against the inhuman acts of the governments and come forward to build up united mighty democratic movements against these.

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