Appeal to the Well-Meaning People of the Country : Financial Aid to Help Distressed Migrant Workers and Cyclone Devastated People

Dear Friends,

All of you are witness to the saddening scenario that not only thousands of people are dying due to covid-19 pandemic; millions of migrant workers are also placed in a most inhuman pathetic condition. They have lost jobs, shelters, and earnings. Even employers have deprived them of their due wages too. When BJP led central government suddenly announced the lockdown, it did not care to think over how these helpless people would go back to their distant home places in absence

of any transport. So, many of them have been compelled to run from pillar to post to find any means to reach their villages and homes, but in vain. Neither the central government nor the state governments felt any moral responsibility to help them. There are aged and young men, women and even children. For many years those who toiled, who shed their sweat and blood to construct buildings, high rises, roads and created wealth, today are reduced to starving beggars. Out of despair many thousands of them tried to reach their home desperately by walking hundreds of kilometers and on the way many have fallen sick and many more died. Virtually being pressurized by the public uproar now they are being brought huddled like cattle in trains and buses to their home states, in journey many are being infected by corona virus, after returning home they find their families are starving. How they will survive, there is no government to bother for that.

Although there are plenty of promises in the media only to befool the masses, but in reality they are pushed to beggary, starvation and death.It is also known to you when country is reeling under this unprecedented horrific situation, a sudden deadly cyclone, un-witnessed for few centuries ravaged southern part of West Bengal affecting coastal districts. It has demolished thousands of cottages, uprooted thousands of trees, fruit gardens and damaged agricultural crops, vegetables, ponds and fisheries. Thus not only millions of people are made homeless, they have lost also their meager means of livelihood. Prime Minister accompanied by state Chief Minister as usual have toured over affected areas by helicopter expressing sweet words of sympathy and both of them promised to provide relief. But cyclone affected people do not know where those relief materials are given, who are being helped?

They are homeless, they are starving and they are afraid of oncoming next disaster of monsoon storms and rain.

This heart rending situation appeals to the heart of all section of people including our party members, supporters to provide financial aid to help these distressed migrant workers and cyclone devastated people.

We know already our party workers in different states are engaged in relief works with their limited means. But that is not enough. More aid is necessary. As a revolutionary party of proletariat, it is our bounden duty to provide relief to these starving helpless people as far as possible by applying all our strength.So, we appeal for financial help.

Send your contribution to the following address by Account payee cheques/ demand

drafts/pay order/ bank transfer or money order.

Name of the account: Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist)

Postal Address: Central Committee,

S UCI (Communist)

48- Lenin Sarani, Kolkata: 700013, West Bengal

With heartily congratulations,

Provash Ghosh

General Secretary,


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