Appeal of AIKKMS to the peasants and the toiling people across the country


Jubilation at Delhi border after victory of year-long magnificent peasant movement

Dear friends,
This is a glorious moment in the history of democratic movement in India. The struggling peasants, sacrificing seven hundred precious lives and braving all sorts of oppression and suppression of the central BJP government, are able to make the multinationals, both domestic and foreign, as well as their servitors bow down before them. The central BJP government is forced to accede to almost all the demands of the peasants, fighting for the last one year. This is a great victory. It has created a conviction among the suffering toiling people that a barbaric, fascist regime can be forced to bend if they can wage a united sustained, organized determined and death defying struggle. No doubt this example will inspire all sections of the toiling masses in their struggle against the ruthless capitalist oppression and exploitation. We salute the epoch-making struggle of the valiant undaunted peasants.
But the attacks of crisis ridden capitalism-imperialism will continue. Hence, the people are to organise larger and intensified struggles in future until capitalism is overthrown through revolution and a new social order free from exploitation of man by man is established. It is a reality that this movement has made everyone realize that the monopoly houses and multi-nationals are the real enemies of the people. The Modi-led BJP government is merely a political agent of theirs. Though this realisation is in its primary stage, it is bound to develop in the days to come and give birth to revolutionary consciousness among the masses following a prolonged and arduous effort of a genuine revolutionary force. This is the teaching of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, the great leader of the proletariat. Now the workers and peasants of our country are fighting against the attacks of the monopolist sharks and multinationals unitedly. This workers-peasants unity will be strengthened more and more with every passing day and will pave the way for a greater and nobler struggle in future. At this moment of rejoice, we appeal to the people to come forward and organise themselves in different struggle committees to take forward their just struggles further.
Long live workers-peasants unity. Long live Revolution.
With greetings, 

Satyawan, President

Sankar Ghosh, General Secretary

AIKKMS, All India Committee

Comrade Satyawan, President, AIKKMS, (second from right) with Shri Rakesh Tikait, leader of Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU), (3rd from right) after meeting of Samjukt Kishan Morcha following victory of historic peasant movement

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