All India Anti-imperialist Forum hails the world-wide anti-Trump Protests


The All India Anti-imperialist Forum (AIAIF) hails the massive protests against the inauguration of racist, anti-immigrant, sexist, misogynist and anti-democratic Donald Trump as President of the United States of America.

Millions of people from all walks of life, students, workers, poor people, migrants, civil rights activists and vast number of women came out on the streets in an unprecedented act of protest. Donald Trump threatened that he would build a wall along the Mexico-US border, would deport millions of immigrants, would keep a registry of Muslims, would sanction torture of prisoners and even would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons. His words often sound like the ranting of a deranged person. The protesting people have legitimate grounds to reject his extreme right wing agenda and his proposed policies. Election of a person like Donald Trump is a reflection of the deep crisis of the of the capitalist system, and being unable to come out of the crisis, capitalism is trying to win the support of the people through ultra-right chauvinistic demagogy and by diverting their attention from the real issues. Neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party can offer any solution to the problems in the life of the people and both parties had followed in the past and would follow in future similar pro-capitalist and  anti-people domestic and international policies. The All India Anti-imperialist Forum hopes that these protests would be first step in ushering in the realization in the American people that the root cause of their problems is the capitalist system, and the real solution would come through sustained movements for overthrowing this system. We hope that the present mass protests would advance step by step under the correct leadership for protection and extension of democratic rights and values that would pave the way for anti-capitalist socialist revolution and bring about true emancipation of the American people.

Dr. K R Chaudry

24-01-17          President, A I A I F

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