AIUTUC hails victorious movement of Jammu and Kashmir Electricity workers



In a statement issued on 21-12-21, Comrade Shankar Dasgupta, General Secretary, AIUTUC, said that the Electricity Workers of Jammu & Kashmir were all through Government employees under Power Development Department. But, of late, Jammu & Kashmir administration under direct control of central BJP government had decided to privatise the Power Sector.
Against this anti-employee and anti-people move of the Government, the Electricity Employees and Engineers of J&K started an indefinite strike from the midnight of 17 December 2021. The Jammu & Kashmir Government unleashed all sorts of repressive measures to crush the movement but in the face of stiff resistance of united movement of the Employees and Engineers, the government had to back out from its decision.
While congratulating all the Employees and Engineers of J&K Power Sector for their heroic struggle, AIUTUC urged the employees of Public Sector and Government Institutions across the country to strengthen and intensify their struggle against the ulterior move of Privatization and Disinvestment policy of the Union Government taking lesson from this victory of the united sustained struggle of the J&K Power workers.

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