AIUTUC congratulates workers for making 2-day All-India strike successful


Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

In a statement dated 27 March 2022, Comrade Shankar Dasgupta, General Secretary, AIUTUC, said that ‘‘the All India United Trade Union Centre (AIUTUC) congratulates the working people of the country for responding wholeheartedly on the first day of the two days’ All India General Strike at the call of ten central trade unions including AIUTUC and various employees’ federations and making it successful.
The BJP government at the Centre is pursuing vigorously successive anti-worker, anti-people and pro-monopoly measures in pursuit of the policy of capitalist globalization. It is pushing through all-out privatization and corporatization of the public sector units and government establishments, accentuating thereby further loss of job and the consequential aggravation of unemployment problem. The abrogation of hard earned existing labour laws and imposition of labour codes under the guise of ‘ease of doing business’ of the monopoly giants will snatch away even the last vestiges of trade union and democratic right of the working people. Emboldened by its recent electoral success in some states through all sorts of unethical means and resorting to undemocratic manoeuvring, the ruling BJP has further hiked the prices of all essential commodities including petrol, diesel, LPG, medicines, etc.
The ruthless exploitation of the working people comprised all belonging to both organized and unorganized sectors as well as the scheme workers has made it imperative to develop mighty united and sustained movements of the working people across the country. The success of the All India General Strike will pave the way to intensify the mass and class struggles of the working people of the country. The AIUTUC calls upon the working people to forge and cement their unity and be prepare to launch bigger united struggles in the days ahead.’’

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