AIMSS slams Bombay High Court judgement on Sexual Assault


Comrade Chhabi Mohanty, General Secretary, AIMSS in a statement issued on 26 January slammed the recent judgement of the Bombay High Court delivered by justice Pushpa Ganediwala which held that “there is no sexual assault if there is no ‘skin to skin’ contact.” The judgement is unacceptable, atrocious and obnoxious.
Groping women and girls on clothes is a very usual and unfortunately normal sexual assault in this country. It is a hard fact of today that all types of crimes against women and children are on a steep rise with a very low conviction rate. Such judgements in today’s condition will only motivate the criminals and surely will not act as a deterrent to such a heinous crime.
If this judgement is accepted, groping in broad daylight in full view of all and in broad daylight will become order of the day, whether inside homes or in public places. Also other kinds of sexual attacks and harassments both without any restraint. When the Supreme Court has been expressing concern at growing incidents of sexual assault on women in the workplaces, this Bombay High Court ruling is indeed beyond one’s comprehension
AIMSS demands reversal of the judgement by higher court and protection of dignity and honour of mothers and sisters of this land.

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