AIMSS condoles death of Aruna Shanbhag


In a statement issued on 19-05-2015, Dr. H. G. Jayalakshmi, General Secretary, All India Committee, AIMSS expressed deep and heartfelt condolence over the death of Smt. Aruna Shanbhag, who breathed her last on 18 May after 42 long years of vegetative existence caused by a barbaric sexual assault and brutal attack on her by a sweeper in 1973. It is heartening to see the way the staff of the KEM hospital have affectionately nursed her for these long 42 years. This gruesome incident is nothing but an another instance which reflects the patriarchal attitude of our society where women are viewed as objects of enjoyment and ill-treatment. At this hour of grief, AIMSS calls upon the women of the entire country to come forward and build up a powerful socio-cultural movement to put an end to such crimes on women.

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