AIKKMS opposes heinous move to introduce cultivation of GM Food


In a statement issued on 1 November 2022, Comrades Satyawan and Shankar Ghosh, President and General Secretary respectively of AIKKMS said:
We have learnt that the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee has approved commercial cultivation of genetically modified (GM) mustard and sent the proposal for the clearance to the Ministry of Environment, Government of India. As a result of the induction of GM seeds in Indian agriculture, the entire agriculture would go in the hands of the agri-giants and multinationals of home and abroad. We consider that consequence of this pernicious move would be detrimental to the interest of the peasants as well as the common people.
Moreover, the impact of GM crops on nature and human health is not yet assessed properly. The scientific community is still not at one on this issue. According to some experts, it might cause immense harm to nature and human health. Hence, it is our considered opinion that introducing GM seeds in Indian agriculture would be damaging.
The interested circle is putting forth the argument that GM seed plantation would enhance production of agricultural produce. But this argument is baseless. The problem of hunger in India is not due to shortage of production, but because of the anti-people policies of the pro-monopoly governments. Still the BJP-led central government, subservient to bourgeois class interest, is going ahead with the proposal to serve the giant multinationals intending to capture Indian agricultural sector. The people of our country have no alternative but to fight against it with utmost vigour and courage.
So, we urge upon the peasants and toiling people of our country to come forward to resist this heinous move of the multinationals and their servitor, the central BJP government.

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