AIKKMS opposes formation of MSP committee with known RSS-BJP activists


In a statement dated 19-07-22, Comrades Satyawan, and Shankar Ghosh, President and General Secretary respectively of AIKKMS said:
‘‘The MSP Committee formed by the BJP-led central government on 18 July last comprises names of five persons all of whom are either BJP or RSS activists. They are the supporters of three Black Farm Laws which the peasants fought heroically against and forced the government to repeal.
To appoint such a committee with persons who are not peasants is nothing but an abject betrayal to the cause of the peasants.
We demand a genuine pro-people, pro-peasants committee which will evaluate the condition of the peasantry scientifically and ensure government procurement of all agricultural produce at a MSP (Minimum Support Price) calculated on the C2+50% (i.e. one time and a half of the total cost of production) basis.
We urge upon the people to come forward and help actively to achieve this democratic demand.’’

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