AIKKMS mass petition to Prime Minister


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All India Kishan and Khetmajdoor Sangathan (AIKKMS) has taken initiative to send one lakh on line  mass petition to the Prime Minister on the following demands:

  1. Increase vaccine production. Ensure free universal vaccination within a given time frame.  Ensure free and adequate supply of oxygen to meet the urgent demands of the current crisis.
  2. Ensure adequate number of hospitals, hospital beds, oxygen and other medical facilities, free of cost, for patients to help them cope with the covid pandemic.
  3. Withdraw the anti-people and discriminatory, pro-corporate vaccine pricing policy.
  4. Public health care infrastructure should be strengthened.
  5. During lockdown, retrenchment, pay cuts and evacuation of houses should be strictly prohibited.
  6. Three anti-farmer  Black Laws and Electricity bill along with four anti-worker Labour Codes should be scrapped.
  7. There should be a complete ban on privatization and disinvestment of public sector industries and institutions.
  8. Cash subsidy of Rs. 7,500 per month should be provided to all poor farmers, farm workers and other rural poor families.
  9. For the next six months, 10 kg of free cereals and pulses, edible oil should be made available per person per month.
  10. There should be proper arrangement to provide effective treatment of the patients suffering from diseases other than Covid 19 in government hospitals.
  11. Protective measures for all those engaged in epidemic-management work including health and front-line workers, ASHA and Anganwadi workers and ensuring comprehensive insurance coverage for all of them.
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