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Comrades Satyawan and Shankar Ghosh, President and General Secretary respectively of AIKKMS issued the following statement on 8 February 2021: 

AIKKMS strongly condemns the speech delivered by Prime Minister Modi today in Rajya Sabha in which he portrayed the struggling farmers as ‘‘Andolonjeevi’’ and painted the movement being driven by a new FDI i.e. foreign destructive ideology.

We all know how heroically the Indian farmers are fighting with unheard-of courage and self- sacrifice to force the BJP Government to repeal the three black Farm Laws and Electricity (Amendment) bill-2020. The democratic-minded honest-thinking people all over the world are  inspired by this noble struggle. But to Mr. Modi, these fighting people are nothing but parasites and have movement as their profession (‘‘Andolanjeevi’’).  This is nothing new. To these self-serving bourgeois leaders, whose forefathers once leaked the boots of the British imperialist rulers, collaborated with them against the common Indians fighting for freedom and now who are feeling proud to be the slaves of the corporate masters – ‘‘Andolon’’, ‘‘Struggle’’ etc. are dirty words.

They fear movement, they fear the unity of the common people, they fear the might of the masses. And that is why they try their utmost to malign the movement terming it as destructive.

But to us, the fighting peasants, andolan against injustice is the expression of our noble inner soul, without which we cannot live for a single moment. That is why we follow the footprints of our great predecessors like Netaji Subhas, Bhagat Singh and other revered leaders who sacrificed their everything including life for begetting the cherished emancipation of the toiling people from the yoke of exploitation. They taught us to fight against the tyrants and following their teachings, we are now fighting against this fascist autocraticdictates and policies of the Modi government. And we are determined to make them bow their head before the movement. We are determined to continue the struggle till the goal is achieved.We know very well how Modi government tried their utmost to defame and crush the movement. But we, with our iron will and determination, foiled all its heinous attempts. This time also they will not be successful by spreading canards.

In the past Mr. Modi committed so many offences against the people. Now he is committing the biggest offence in Indian history against the peasants. Fighting valiantly against all kinds of injustice, suppression, oppression and exploitation perpetrated by the oppressive rulers on the people has a universal character. Oppressed humanity has been conducting such struggles since ages, no matter whether the oppressors were native or foreign. The rulers have always painted such legitimate struggles as destructive or disruptive since these are directed against  their vested interests. Hence they tried their best to muzzle the voice of justice, peace and progress.

All are to bear in mind that present struggle of the peasants is not only for their own survival but for the common masses as well. This present movement of the peasants of the country is a uniquecreation of highest order in the contemporary history of our country.

We hope that toiling Indian people irrespective of caste, creed, religion, region, ethnicity or language will come forward and stand by the peasants to defeat the criminal activity of the BJP government.

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