AIDSO against disastrous National Education Policy



National Education Policy (NEP) – 20 introduced by the BJP government h is a blueprint of Privatization, Commercialization, Centralization, Vocationalization and Communalization of education. In a fascist autocratic way the government is implementing the policy in various states and in various central institutions. To fight out NEP-20, AIDSO from very beginning is trying to build up mighty democratic student and mass movements against this. Various state committees of AIDSO also undertook many programmes, both online and offline, on that week which included massive poster campaign, meetings, workshops, discussions,distribution of lakhs of leaflets, mass protests through e-mail, signature campaign, rallies, cycle rallies, demonstrations, submission of memorandums, street corner meetings, auto campaign, cultural programmes, exhibition of short films etc. Online workshop was held in the states of Karnataka, Kerla and Jharkhand. State level online discussions were held in Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Gujarat, Karnataka, Punjab etc. In Odisha, an online discussion on attack on University Autonomy was held. Many eminent educationists and thousands of students, and teachers took part in this campaign week throughout the country. AIDSO is pledge-bound to intensify the movement in the days to come.

Madhya Pradesh
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