AIDSO condemns Israeli cruelty


Comrade Sourav Ghosh, General Secretary, AIDSO, in a statement issued on 18 may 2021 held that though historically Jerusalem is always a part of Palestine, the Zionist Israeli rulers backed by US imperialists, have forcibly occupied Jerusalem. In May 2021, the Israeli government has renewed inhuman violence on Palestinian civilians including children, this time particularly in Gaza, in order to carry out ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Palestinians who have genealogical inheritance over their own land resisted and protested this eviction and killing. The Zionist Israeli authorities, on the pretext of repelling the resistance, have been indiscriminately killing thousands of Palestine civilian citizens and razing Palestinian cities to the ground by missile attacks.
AIDSO, he said, expresses total solidarity with the fighting Palestinian people and strongly condemns such shameless acts of cruelty and flagrant violation of human rights by Zionist Israeli armed forces on Palestinians and called upon all right-thinking Indians to raise voice of protest against such brutal and inhuman attack.

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