AIAIF urges urgent solution of problems of Kashmir and restoration of peace

July 22, 2016

Prof. K R. Chowdry, President, All India Anti-imperialist Forum has released the following statement :

AIAIF urges urgent solution of problems of Kashmir and restoration of peace
The All India Anti-imperialist Forum is gravely concerned with the recent events in Kashmir. Street protests that erupted in different parts of Kashmir at the death of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani, allegedly in a fake encounter, were met with firing by the police which led to death of 45 people and injury to many. This triggered further protests and confrontation between the police and the protesters resulting in death of  more protesters in police firing. The security personnel have become trigger happy and have indiscriminately used rubber bullets and pellets injuring people in the face and causing loss of eyesight. In the past also many times they quelled the agitation brutally by spraying bullets indiscriminately killing many as if they were dealing with the enemy. Now violence engulfed the whole of Kashmir valley, leading to more death and injuries. Curfew was imposed for days together; educational institutions, shops and market places, offices and firms were closed down; normal life was paralyzed. Common people are subjected to untold suffering and hardship, and an atmosphere of deep fear, insecurity, distrust and a sense of uncertainty and alienation has pervaded the entire valley. AIAIF firmly believes that the problems centring which crisis situations are erupting again and again, cannot be solved by armed operations. People’s distrust and alienation have to be erased and for that many a wrong doings of the past are to be eradicated, promises and agreements at the time of accession are to be fulfilled and honoured in totality, AFSPA is to be revoked, army is to be sent back to the border, and encouragement of communal passions and incidents is to be stopped forthwith. The gravity of the situation demands that effective steps be immediately taken to normalize the situation and restore peace in the valley through negotiations involving all concerned. We urge the Central Government to  act urgently and we call upon the people to stand by the injured and wounded heart of the Kashmiri people and extend support to their just cause of achieving full autonomy as was promised.

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