Against the killing of innocent migrant labors by terrorists in Kulgam of Jammu and Kashmir


The Central Committee of SUCI (Communist) said in a press statement on 1st November 2019
The way five innocent migrant labors were killed by terrorists in Kulgam of Jammu and Kashmir on 29 October has shocked the world. The incident at one stroke nullified the central government’s claim that everything in Kashmir is normal even after the abrogation of the article 370. What more comes to the fore is the total insecurity of the poor laborers who go there to work to eke out a living. J & K now being under total central rule it is the responsibility of the central government to provide security to the people of the state including the migrant workers. Here the central BJP govt. has totally failed.
The incident shows that belying the government’s claim, the terrorists are very much active in Kashmir. In fact in our party’s central committee statement on 6 August we emphatically stated that “when full implementation of Article 370 was necessary to win over the Kashmiri people, isolate and defeat the Pakistan backed secessionist forces, this unilateral scrapping of Article 370 not only further alienates the people of Kashmir but also will strengthen the secessionist forces.” The ghastly killing of innocent migrant workers shockingly vindicates our stand.
We convey our heartfelt condolence and sympathy to the bereaved families and demand from the government full compensation through giving employment to a member of the family. We appeal to the people to raise their voice with this demand.
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